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The Top 5 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital marketing is an exciting and dynamic area to work in, but securing the right job can feel like climbing a mountain. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

We’ve put together this new guide to the digital marketing interview questions you can expect to be asked, as well as some surefire strategies for answering them.

Remember: the goal of interview questions is to draw out real-life examples and scenarios from the person in the hot seat. Rather than trying to work out what the interviewer wants, consider what projects (or work experience) help highlight your awesome skill set.

1. What strategies will you use to increase website traffic?

This question wants to know about the process you use. It might be asked in a pretty straightforward manner—like above—or presented as a scenario or hypothetical client/campaign for you to think about.

We know it’s tricky to put together a strategy without a lot of the pertinent info. As a rule of thumb we suggest drawing on practical examples of things you’ve already done, as well as marketing channels you’ve used. Make sure to mention how you measure success: Google Analytics goals and campaign KPIs are both effective options, as long as you can tie them into a company’s wider business growth strategy.

2. What are the most important things in Google Analytics you will want to analyse?

This question often follows the first, and it’s an opportunity to show off your technical skills. It might be worded a bit differently; the interviewer may want you to guide them through a client’s Google Analytics account, and explain the data in it. In either scenario, you need to demonstrate your understanding and the data you’d prioritise.

For this question, you need to know what to look for when reviewing a client’s Google Analytics account. You should also have some relevant marketing solutions for your client, with your analysis shaping what you’d recommend.

Again, drawing on your real-life experience can help here. Give an example from a task you performed before walking the interviewer through what you needed to do, what you measured and how you used Google Analytics in the process.

3. How did you achieve client KPIs?

When an interviewer asks this question, they’re trying to find out how much direct client experience you have. They also want to see if you understand how important happy clients are to an agency. While there’s definitely links to the earlier questions, this is really a chance to show your grasp of a business’ big picture. Good communication and project management are two great ways of expressing this.

It’s often the case that we don’t value ‘soft skills’ like communication and teamwork. But if we can use these to keep a customer happy—even if it’s through a small gesture—this can have a dramatic impact. If you can demonstrate a wider understanding of the things a customer cares about (like their sales margins and business KPIs) they’re more likely to feel that their business is in capable hands.

If you haven’t had any direct client interaction, this isn’t a dealbreaker!

You can also talk about your work with an account manager or team leader. Think of a time you went the extra mile for them; this is a great way to prove you have the right people skills.

4. How do you work across departments or with freelancers/suppliers?

The goal of this question is to find out how you work in a team. It’s also trying to learn what project management experience you have. It’s not saying you’ll be working with freelancers all the time in the role you’re interviewing for; think of it as a chance to discuss your real-world teamwork experience.

The best examples here are ones that show your skills in teamwork and project management. These don’t have to come from the workplace, though; if you’re new to that side of things, group projects (at university or within societies) can be great alternatives.

5. What digital marketing trends do you see dominating the landscape soon?

When this question crops up, it’s to see how you stay up to date with digital industry developments. It’s not asking you to predict the future; it’s about seeing if you’re in tune with the industry, and determining your wider awareness of what’s going on at the moment.

This question can be a bit of a curveball, but you don’t need to panic! There’s no need to blurt out something just to stay relevant. Take a moment to think about it; making links between what the role entails and the latest digital news is the key to victory.

Try to avoid bringing up news that’s interesting but not strictly relevant. A Yorkshire Tea emoji is certainly interesting, for example, but if there’s no obvious links to what you’ll be doing in the role you’re interviewing for it’s a bit pointless.

How to prepare for a digital marketing interview

Now that you know what kind of questions to expect, here are three things you can to prepare for the digital marketing interview:

Don’t sell yourself short

Make sure you bring all the relevant skills to the table. You can do this by preparing the right examples; ask yourself when and how you added value to a project. Make sure you consider projects where you weren’t the lead; you still made a valuable contribution in these cases.

Combat your nerves

If you’re feeling especially nervous, get a friend to run through the above questions before the interview. This lets you practice interacting with someone in a more relaxed environment. But don’t overdo it! When the time comes, you want to be relaxed and fluent in your answers. Rattling through your answers like a robot spoils any points you make.

Read up on the latest trends

Since questions about the latest trends are kind of inevitable, we suggest you have a scan of your favourite resources before the interview. Luckily, digital marketing pros have plenty to choose from. We recommend:

The Moz Blog (check out their Whiteboard Friday series) Search Engine Land Search Engine Round Table Google Developer Blog (even if you’re more focussed on SEO, PPC or social media, it’s still worth keeping an eye on this one) If you’re in the Leeds area, you can read these two for news on Leeds’ digital marketing scene. Prolific North Business Daily

All the right answers

While you can’t anticipate every scenario in an interview, you can narrow down the possibilities. By getting the scoop on digital marketing interview questions, you’re well on your way to landing that digital marketing job.

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Looking for a little more advice before the big interview? Our guide to the top 3 digital marketing interview task mistakes will help you dodge common pitfalls. Our guide to Leeds’ hottest digital marketing jobs also gives you a broader picture of Leeds’ career landscape.

Check out our Jobs page to see what we’ve got available right now. Got any more questions? Head on over to our Contact page to get in touch; you can even send us your CV from this page. Don’t forget to sign up to the Gloss newsletter, either; it’s the perfect way to stay updated on Leeds’ news and job trends!

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