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Gloss Creative Recruitment is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring your data remains safe and secure.  This Private Policy sets out how we collect, use and store your information  for  recruitment purposes.

Candidate Representation & Consent Form

By ticking the consent box on the Quick Apply Form / Enquiry Forms you authorise us to hold data about you in a secure Applicant Tracking System (ATS) along with notes that will allow us to represent you accordingly.  This means we know who you are with contact details, what your requirements are and hold information that we can send to your potential employers to help you find a new role. We will also update our records on you depending on the communications we have with you and how you  interact with our services. This data will be held (unless requested otherwise) whilst you are deemed as employable, whether this is when you are actively seeking a role now or in the future.


Only information  that will help the process of seeking employment or developing a career for a candidate will be held by Gloss Creative Recruitment. The information we collect will be on candidates who give us consent to hold and use their data will include factual data based on the profile of the candidate (e.g. name, address, post code, email address, telephone number, experience, skillset, salary details etc) and also other information like what interviews they are put forward to, dates, how they performed at these interviews, jobs secured, jobs rejected, salary offered etc. We will also keep demographic information such as preferences and  interests through Google analytics. We may also categorise you on our systems into job or experience based segments to help us locate you amongst our data.

The information  we collect on clients who give us consent to hold and use their data will include factual data based on the company profile (eg, Company name, address, postcode, email address, telephone number, client contact name etc) and  also other information  such as job specifications, details on the type  of experience/ candidate the client is looking for.  Demographic information such as preferences and  interests through google analytics and other information relevant to customer surveys and /or offers.  We may also categorise Companies on our systems to help us locate you amongst our data.

The data is being collected by Gloss Creative Recruitment and employees of it and stored only on secure and  licensed company software or platforms. Data may be shared with employers who will use this to assess the candidate for interviews and suitability for their positions.

Data Collection

We collect data and information on candidates that will assist us and potential employers to make a decision whether they may be suitable for an employer’s role.

The majority of our data comes from  job applications of our advertised roles into the business or the submission  of CV’s. This normally comes via email, whether direct from 3rd party websites or to our consultant’s email inboxes from our website. We also collect data from both publicly available databases of candidates who have listed their CV for viewing by agencies and employers or from password protected databases which we subscribe to in order to access candidate data. In all instances, candidates will be required to give consent for their data to be held on our systems. Where consent has not been given and we are in receipt of data, this will not be used in any way and be deleted from all platforms.

Data is collected from a range of sources and uploaded onto our licenced company software or platforms. These sources may include CVs submitted to the business directly either digitally or off-line, CV’s submitted indirectly through referrals, CV data from online job board sites, collected verbally over the phone or face to face, via text messages or online messaging.

We will also store data about individuals from clients and candidates who provide feedback on CVs and  meetings by communicating verbally, or online through  emails, online messaging or telephone text messaging.

How your data is used

We require this information to help profile the candidates and our understanding of their role requirements.  It will help employees from  Gloss Creative Recruitment make a decision on whether they would be a suitable candidate for a role based on the data we hold. It will be used for communication purposes so that employees of Gloss Creative Recruitment can communicate with and provide updates to the candidates. Relevant pieces of this data will be supplied to employers to help them make a decision on the suitability of the candidate.  This information may also be passed to clients for communication  reasons, to conduct interviews, provide offer letters or other direct communications.  It may also be used  for marketing purposes by Gloss Creative Recruitment to send emails, newsletters about job and career information that will be deemed beneficial or interesting to the candidate.

Communication between yourself and Gloss Creative Recruitment will be restricted to requests to update our records and to update you on current vacancies. You are however free to opt out of any emails at any time by unsubscribing from them.

Likewise, clients may receive marketing correspondence relevant to their recruitment needs, but only internally and never from any third parties or subsidiaries. They are equally able to opt-out of these completely by simply unsubscribing from them.

Who your data is shared with

The only people with access to your information are our internal employees and our technical partners, and we have active security procedures in place to protect and secure your information from loss, alteration or misuse.

The data will be shared externally with new or existing clients by Gloss Creative Recruitment. These will include a range of people within the employer’s organisation who are in a position  to make a decision on a candidate’s skills and experience for a job interview or employment.

We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.

Contacting us about your data we hold on our privacy policy

If you want to contact us to discuss how we use or manage your data please email us at

Withdraw Consent

You can request to access your data or for it to be removed from our database at any time.  Please contact us in writing at

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Gloss Creative Recruitment may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes.

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