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Take Part in Our 2023 Salary Survey for the Creative Sector in Yorkshire

We would love to hear from you on a variety of issues to help us build the most thorough picture on careers, income, and workplace trends for the Creative Industries in Yorkshire.

Trends and salaries for Creative Jobs in the North

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Questions we hope to address:

  • Have Salaries in the North gone up and are you being paid fairly?

  • What are you really worth and how does it compare across divisions?

  • Have wage disparities decreased and what trends are apparent?

  • What is significant to your objectives for a career?

  • Are there new trends and job opportunities arising in our area?

Our first yearly survey since the lockdown

We used to perform a salary survey for the creative sector every year but this has been the first chance we have had a chance to do one since Covid. New trends in terms of remote / hybrid working, 4 day weeks, zoom interviewing and more have totally changed the scene and we'd like to find out (and share) any findings.

Research Purposes Only

This survey is used for research purposes only and your information is completely confidential and secure. Your information will not be shared with any 3rd parties.

Take the survey now!

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Take part in our salary survey now

Click here to fill in the short questionnaire and contribute to our findings.

If you’d like to receive an exclusive copy of the 2023 Census, due to be published early Autumn 2023, then please fill in the contact form here.


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