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Mastering Online / Zoom / Teams Interviews: Tips for Creatives

Congratulations - you have secured an online interview and your Gloss consultant or the client has sent you an invite to attend.

Time is precious in the digital age we live in, remote and hybrid work is common, and Zoom/Teams interviews are an essential component of the modern employment process. In these virtual interactions, as a contemporary creative, you want to leave a lasting impact. To help you give it your all, consider the following advice:

1. Perfect Preparation

As with all interviews, make sure you do your homework and research the company thoroughly. Read the job description several times, explore their website, and follow them on social media. Understand their mission, values, and recent projects. This knowledge will help you tailor your responses and demonstrate genuine interest. Don’t forget to read your CV again too and try to correlate your responses to the responsibilities on their spec – always answer with an example!

Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. Show that you’ve done your due diligence, get to the interview early and be genuinely curious about the role and the company.

2. Eye Contact Still Matters

Maintain eye contact during the interview by looking directly into the camera and use a friendly posture. It’s tempting to watch yourself on the screen, but this can make you appear distracted or nervous. Adjust your camera angle so that you’re at eye level. This simple adjustment will make a significant difference in how you come across. Imagine that you’re face-to-face and use the appropriate etiquette that would come with it…and don’t forget to smile!

3. Set Up a Professional Area / Background

Make sure you choose a good spot: somewhere peaceful, seclusion, and free of interruptions (turn off your phone)! If you're interviewing at a café because you need to be at ease and able to communicate clearly, proceed with extreme caution if you're taking a covert break from your current job and can't go home or to the office. Verify that you can hear the interviewer and that there is no background noise.

Choose a clutter-free, well-lit area for your interview. A blank wall or tasteful decorations work well. If your surroundings aren’t ideal, consider using Zoom’s virtual background feature. Ensure that your background reflects professionalism and creativity.

4. Appearances Are Still Important

Having good lighting makes you look better on camera. Sit facing a window or use soft, diffused lighting. Avert backlighting to prevent shadows from appearing on your face.don’t forget the eye contact. Test your setup twice beforehand to ensure you look your best, that everything is working and your dressed appropriately.

5. Master the Mute Button (If You Must)

Make good use of the mute button. If you would like, you can turn off your audio while the interviewer is speaking to get rid of any background noise. When it's your moment to speak, unmute yourself, but just walk away if it's a distraction. Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts (like holding down the spacebar) for quick muting and unmuting but don’t seem like your fiddling or let it spoil your flow.

6. Portfolio Review: Showcase Your Best Work

During the interview, be prepared to discuss your portfolio. Here’s how:

  • Organize Your Portfolio: Arrange your work samples logically. Make categories (such as artwork, branding, and web design) and give a succinct synopsis for each.

  • Share Your Screen: If the interviewer doesn't have a copy of your portfolio, you can utilise Zoom's screen-sharing capability to show it to them. Offering this will make it look very professional. Don't overuse examples, go over your projects with the interviewer, and speak too much. Emphasise your design principles, thought process, and any obstacles you overcame. The interviewer is always welcome to inquire further and promote communication.

  • Tell Stories: Each project has a story. Explain the problem you solved, your creative approach, and the impact of your work. Be concise but engaging.

  • Discuss Collaboration: If you collaborated with others (developers, copywriters, etc.), mention it. Show that you can work effectively in a team and always give examples.

Recall that a Zoom interview is a chance to highlight not just your abilities but also your professionalism, charisma, and capacity to adapt. Smile, project confidence, and allow your imagination to come to life on screen. Try to approach them like you would an in-person interview and be sure to fully prepare because it will undoubtedly show.

Good luck! 🌟

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