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5 signs it's time to change jobs

We at Gloss know what it's like to feel stuck in a rut. And if you've been working in one place for a while, you might be feeling it's time to change jobs.

As it turns out, this isn't that unusual; on average, British workers change jobs once every five years. But is leaving your current job the right move for you?

We know it's a big decision, and you want to make an informed choice. That's why we've identified the five main reasons people decide a job change is on the cards.

1. You're reading this article

If you're here, you've probably been considering a job change for some time... if only on a subconscious level. There's a reason you clicked on this article; maybe you're wondering if one of the signs apply to you, or looking for confirmation of your gut instincts.

However, it might be time to go beyond just thinking about a new job. Take a moment to think about your conversations from the last few weeks.

Have you been talking about work a lot with friends and family?

Do you tend to complain about your work environment—the people you work with, or the way they do things?

If your conversations are full of work complaints, that's a massive red flag right there.

2. You're clock watching

It's that old chestnut: time flies when you're having fun. Practically, it means that time seems to go more quickly when you're interested in whatever you're doing.

Of course, if you're bored at work, you might spend your time clock watching instead. This is a pretty straightforward idea; you're more engaged by the passing of time than the task at hand. Ironically, this means time passes much more slowly—or you perceive it as such—and your productivity will probably be affected as a result.

If you don't seem to be completing your tasks as efficiently, and you can recall checking the time more often, this is another sign that it's time to change jobs.

3. You feel invisible

In simpler terms, this means you feel nobody hears (or wants) your opinion. This can take a few different forms.

Idea pitching and brainstorms

You might feel especially invisible when you're pitching an idea or during a brainstorm. Your colleagues might talk over your ideas, for instance, or even dismiss an idea as soon as you present it. This is probably going to make you feel pretty rubbish.

To be fair, this one might be fixed by changing your brainstorm approach. Read our article on brainstorming properly for some tips.

Design work feedback

But brainstorms are just a small part of your work, and you've probably identified problems in other areas. Feedback on your design work might be causing you unnecessary stress; while feedback is a necessary part of the design process, there's a right and a wrong way to receive it. Common issues include:

● Never receiving feedback at all, good or bad. Frustrating, to say the least.

● Waiting a long time for feedback. This can leave you in a kind of limbo, disrupt your other work and—worst of all—stop you from meeting deadlines, which could get you in hot water with other clients.

● Conversations with colleagues ending in disagreements or arguments. These are uncomfortable, and if they happen frequently, can have a negative impact on your mood. If you feel you often need to defend yourself in meetings, try talking to your line manager about the issue.

4. You feel like you're stagnating

This is another thing that can take a few different forms. One of the most common is your work activities not lining up with your earlier passions. You might be trained in brand design, for example, but you spend most of your time on admin, or copy-and-paste jobs rather than anything truly interesting.

Another problem may simply be that you've grown out of the role. You might feel you aren't developing your career, haven't gained any new skills recently, or had any new opportunities (like client meetings or new responsibilities, like mentoring). Of course, the role might have been a good fit for you when you first came to it. But time marches on, and while you (and your goals) change, you may find your job isn't changing to meet them.

Stagnation may also take the form of a lack of appreciation from your colleagues. If you don't think your employer recognises your hard work (through a promotion or pay rise, for instance) it can make a job change all the more attractive.

5. You're suffering from design burnout

This is one that's unique to graphic design jobs; as a creative recruitment agency, it's something we know quite well. If your designs are regularly lacking inspiration, enthusiasm or variety, you could be suffering from design burnout.

It's possible to bounce back from this with a bit of relaxation, like a holiday. But if you aren't getting plenty of mental stimulation at work—like a diversity of tasks or clients—you're inevitably going to succumb to burnout again. If you think this is the case, it might be time to change jobs before you burn out completely.

Take the next step

People feel like they need to change jobs for several reasons. In broad terms, these reasons boil down to a persistent lack of new, positive experiences in their working lives. If you feel like this is the crux of the matter, it really might be the right time to change jobs.

Luckily, Gloss—as one of Leeds' best design recruitment agencies in Leeds—is here to make any job changes easier. For a start, you can check out our 10 steps towards a quality creative portfolio. These will help you trim the fat from your portfolio, and present your best professional face during a job hunt. If you're going for graphic design jobs, make sure you read our top 3 graphic design interview mistakes. Once you get to the crucial second stage, you don’t want to slip up by something like missing the point of the task.

Don't be afraid to take some bold actions towards finding a great job. Your full potential is waiting to be unlocked, and if you feel like you've lost some of your passion, our recruitment agency is here to help you find it again.

Our team at Gloss Recruitment understands the creative and graphic design industries, as well as Leeds' unique employment market. We also have a deep understanding of your job pressures and requirements, as well as what your potential employers are looking for.

The Gloss team works hard to build meaningful, professional relationships with all of our candidates. Whether you think it's time to change jobs or start your career, we take on board all of your concerns and ambitions to help you navigate the job hunt from start to finish. With Gloss Recruitment, the perfect job is closer than you think!

Send your CV to Gloss now to get the ball rolling, or just give us a call on 0870 3219788.

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