The Top Marketing and Creative Jobs of 2018

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    • 4th December 2017

    Wondering which roles are the most popular in Yorkshire? We’ve asked which creative jobs people are most interested in to pursue next year and have uncovered the top 3 creative roles.

    Read our survey findings for more and also discover the main reasons behind why people of Yorkshire are looking to pursue these roles, what roles employers are looking to fill in 2018 and who is most likely to be interested in these creative roles.

    Get a head start on your 2018 career success and start your new journey today.

    The countdown to 2018 has begun and we wanted to know which marketing and creative jobs were on everyone’s radar. So, we asked our current candidates and all our followers on social media. Our survey is finished and has revealed some very interesting trends for marketing and creative job seekers and employers.

    As we specialise in marketing and creative jobs in Yorkshire this survey also reveals some interesting trends of the region. The majority of survey entrees have come from Leeds. (As shown in the area graph below)

    survey entree locations for top creative jobs 2018 survey

    There are also several entrants from surrounding areas, such as Sheffield, York and Huddersfield.

    Top 3 creative jobs of Yorkshire (Section1)

    So, anyone currently job hunting in Yorkshire, here are the top three most popular creative jobs of 2018:

    1. Creative Artworker
    2. Freelancer
    3. Graphic Designer

    Based on the reasons behind the job choices our survey revealed (see section 2), we believe it’s the versatility of the creative artworker that has made it so appealing. The role focuses on creating corporate designs and restructuring image libraries.  The majority of design specialists from our survey said they’d find these tasks most interesting to do.

    Our chart below reveals how all the job roles we asked about faired in popular opinion.

    Top creative jobs of 2018

    Using our own job role experience and insight from our employer clients, we put together a list of creative and marketing jobs. With this, we planned to find out which of these roles people from the creative and design sector were most interested in.

    To give further insight, we’ve also split marketing into traditional marketing roles and digital marketing roles. This is to see if digital has as much focus as employers are currently putting on these particular roles.

    top marketing and creative jobs of 2018 Gloss survey results

    Our survey revealed the most popular traditional marketing jobs to be:

    1. Brand Manager and Project Manager
    2. Marketing Manager
    3. PR Manager

    The marketing roles seemed to focus more on managerial roles, while the digital roles have a stronger mix of specialisms:

    1. Head of Digital
    2. Web Designer
    3. Social Media Manager

    To get an idea of how these results compare to what roles employers in Yorkshire are looking to fill, we asked some of our clients to rate the same job list. A different set of top 3 roles came up in these conversations.

    We found that Web Designer, UX Designer and Marketing Director were all roles that employers were most interested in for the year ahead. Interestingly, two of the roles employers were most interested in are from the digital marketing sector. Perhaps an argument for candidates to broaden their skills to also include digital based ones.

    Ian Rigby, Recruitment Partner of Gloss, comments:

    It was no surprise that UX is high on the list as the digital sector continues to evolve (with many web designers making the transition into this). What is surprising is that graphic design has become even more popular and so is the demand for them – this is probably backed up by the large upsurge in social media specialists and the need for greater looking content.

    Why these creative jobs are grabbing people’s interest (section 2)

    Knowing which roles people were most interested to pursue in 2018 wasn’t enough for us though. Dialogue is at the heart of our business and so it was only natural that we ask why these jobs were the most interesting.

    The chart below reveals what we discovered.

    reasons behind top marketing and creative jobs choices of 2018

    1. I’d find this role interesting to do – 26%
    2. It’s the next role in my career to aspire to – 23%
    3. I’m looking for a promotion – 19%
    4. I want to make myself future proof/ don’t want to become obsolete – 16%
    5. I want to change careers – 13%
    6. I’m unhappy at my current company – 3%

    There’s a general misconception in recruitment that people changing roles are doing so to get a promotion and thereby a bigger salary.

    This response only ranked 3rd in our survey. The responsibilities and tasks involved in a creative job are the main reason that people are interested in certain roles over others. This shows that it’s the challenge of the role that makes it most appealing for people.

    It also reveals a good observation for employers to take note of if they’re looking to retain current staff: Keep the role versatile and allow people to develop their skills.

    Who’s most interested in these roles (section 3)

    Finding the perfect job role can be a challenge, which is why we at Gloss are here to help you with this. What we also wanted to discover with our survey was who was behind the survey entrees.

    Another misconception in recruitment is that it’s the 25-34 year-olds and 18-25 year-olds who are most likely to be looking for new career challenges.

    Our survey has revealed that it’s the 35-44 year-olds who are currently looking for new career challenges in 2018.

    age of top creative jobs survey entrees

    The survey also revealed that there’s no dominant gender focus in the results, as there’s more or less a fifty split between male and female entrants.

    As shown in the chart below:

    gender split of top creative jobs of 2018 survey entrants

    To recap then the most likely people interested in our top 3 creative jobs of 2018 are 35-44 year-olds and could be male or female as there’s an even split.

    In summary

    If you’re looking for a creative job in Yorkshire in 2018, there’s a lot of interest in creative artworker roles and graphic design ones. As a designer, we suggest to also consider brushing up on skills that are transferable to digital roles, as this is what many employers have their eye out for.

    And if you’re inspired to take the next step in your career or looking for someone to fill one of the roles in your business, then call Gloss today.

    Don’t make the first step to your next role a New Year’s resolution.

    Start your 2018 success today.