The rise of 360 content

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    • 26th February 2019

    Design agencies in Leeds are discussing how new technologies will influence the skills required within their agencies. It’s important to get the timing right when new tech hits the design agency, as not everything new passes the test of time.

    While virtual reality is currently fading into the background, it’s brought about a new concept – that of 360° content. Anyone on the lookout for marketing or design agency jobs in Leeds needs to be aware of this concept. To help with this, our team has discussed it with candidates and clients to put this handy guide together.

    What is 360°content?

    It started out as a 360° video (also known as an immersive video) for use in virtual reality experiences. It emerged as a cheaper option than InVR videos. For a few years this was the only type of content that 360° was really used for. It led to people specialising in virtual reality style videos, which slowly started to be used for different campaigns outside of virtual reality devices.

    Design agencies and brands have since embraced the principle of 360° videos (to provide immersive and interactive content) in other aspects of a marketing campaign. This has led to directors, digital marketers and graphic designers needing to adapt to the broader concept of 360° content.

    man and woman in studio with VR headsets
    Time for some V & R

    360° content is being used:

    • For social media adverts
    • For websites
    • For interactive online graphics
    • For experience-based marketing campaigns

    Why is it relevant for graphic designers?

    As a graphic designer working in Leeds, you’re more likely than ever to receive 360° content requests.

    This could be in the form of planning the layout of a 360° video to use for launching a new product. Or it could be for adapting a 360° video into a carousel-style still image advert that has clickable product information pop-ups.

    Regardless of the purpose of the campaign behind the 360° content, graphic designers working on these campaigns will need to add ideas about the look and feel of a design from a complete immersion point of view.

    The interactivity of a design will also become essential for 360° content. This leads to graphic designers needing to pick up additional skills to answer questions about embedding interactive elements into designs.

    video being filmed in warehouse
    new content option

    Why is it relevant for digital marketers in Leeds?

    As we’ve previously mentioned, the term digital marketing is very broad and covers a lot of key skills in the digital world. To avoid confusion, we’ve taken a look at how 360° content impacts tech roles and creative roles within digital marketing. (If this split and the reasons behind it intrigue you, have a read of our article “What does a digital marketing manager do?”.)

    Web developers

    Websites require 360° content. This isn’t just in the form of embedding a video but also providing images and interactive elements to offer full immersion.

    When it comes to a new website build, web developers of Leeds will be looking towards future-proofing functionality towards an array of content types, with 360° needing to be a key consideration.

    Landing page design, for example, will need a strong 360° focus with “call to actions” being skilfully embedded (to ensure the website visitor completes the action without the immersive experience being broken). The user journey of a website will always be an important aspect of the online experience. But with 360° content on the rise, the question of “how did that website make me feel?” will become more important for the website visitors, as well as for overall SEO rankings.

    Digital marketing manager

    Typically, a digital marketing manager handles the planning stages of a campaign. Each campaign has different objectives and as a digital marketing manager you need to ensure all opportunities are maximised to meet these objectives.

    The 360° content gives a digital marketing manager more opportunities to be creative in order to build something online that really draws the audience in.

    Ensuring that the 360° is SEO-friendly is an important consideration for a digital marketing manager, as well as ensuring that the interactivity contributes to the purpose of the campaign.

    Digital copywriter

    The rise of 360° content also means a key change for a digital copywriters. Copywriters have adapted to many things (like the age of email marketing, SEO, “calls to action” flowing into copy) and 360° content offers a whole new playground for creative flair.

    For example, the interactive popups will all require additional copy. Depending on the campaign the copy will need to match the tone. The biggest challenge will be developing copy that supports the full immersion feeling. There’s a big danger of having too much copy, or the wrong tone of copy destroying the overall feeling.

    Writing and developing content that supports the 360° campaign will also be required. A landing page may have a 360° tour-style video for a travel brand, for example, and additional content like mini infographics to highlight key aspects to offer additional information.

    One thing is for sure; it’s an exciting time, and an opportunity to shape best practices for 360° content copywriting.

    What does the future hold for 360° campaigns?

    We currently live in a “I want it all – fast” kind of world, and 360° campaigns offer this to an even greater extent. Marketers are viewing 360° campaigns as an exciting and in-depth way to connect with consumers. On the flip-side, consumers will expect a certain standard of quality from 360° campaigns. The feeling the campaign generates will need to be at the heart of such a campaign.

    landscape of snow in 360 view
    travel inspiration future?

    We’re expecting to see highly creative campaigns from the design agencies of Leeds, and an innovative approach to the 360° opportunity.

    If you’re excited about the changes in the design industry, and want some more information on design agency jobs for Leeds and beyond, take a look at our latest vacancies here.

    Or give our team a call on 0113 209 5705 for a chat about your next career step in design.