New Year – New You Agency-Style

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    • 7th January 2019

    Did you know that eating healthier was 2018’s No.1 New Year’s resolution as according to Statista, while finding a new job was No.8 in the list? Acquiring and retaining top talent is the biggest goal of creative agencies in 2019.

    This is especially important as the talent pool is starting to get shallower. Attracting new talent is one area to focus on, but retaining existing talent is equally important to grow your agency into a powerhouse of Leeds.

    To help your agency start 2019 with the best foot forward, our team of recruitment consultants in Leeds have put together some handy New Year’s resolutions specifically for creative agencies.

    New Year’s resolutions for creative agencies of Leeds

     1. Set the agency direction and follow-through

    Set the direction

    We’ve spoken about agency trends in Leeds before (which you can see in our article The Future of Agency Leadership in Leeds).

    To summarise there are two prominent agency trends – specialising in one marketing area (social media or paid media) and offering full service marketing.

    Many Leeds creative agencies have established a strong brand already, so a shift of direction isn’t so much about rebranding but about future-proofing based on what area the agency wants to win new business in.

    arrows pointing up on wood
    Find your path

    Follow through

    Committing to a direction is only the first step. It’s so easy to fall back into old habits, so be sure that this resolution doesn’t get ditched on Ditch New Year Resolution Day (the 17th of January by the way). If you personally champion the agency direction and follow through, then your team will follow your lead. Like captain like crew after all.

    The direction of your agency is fundamental to attracting new talent, so be sure to commit some time on this in early 2019.

     2. Add a giveback feel to the agency culture

    Direction is one thing, but agency culture can’t be neglected for both talent acquisition and retention. Feedback from our candidates tells us that a positive work-life balance is more important when it comes to job choices than benefit perks like free fruit or gym membership. This also applies to flexibility when it comes to appointments or other commitments. Half an hour leeway here and there can go a long way in giving back to overall employee loyalty.

    Communicating this via a clear employment value proposition can help you attract new talent. You can find out more about this in our article how to create an effective employment value proposition.

    boss and staff high fiving
    Happy team – happy team leader

    An overall giveback culture is great for retaining talent too. Work-life balance is one area, but there’s also treating project details, deadlines and needs with the necessary respect.

    If your team sees that you value what they’re working on and that you’re there offering support instead of just waiting for completion, then they’ll giveback to you by going that extra mile on projects.

    A fully developed giveback culture is also a good process to ensure motivation stays high across the team. If you’re interested in learning more about motivation, have a look at our article on the impact of low motivation at work.

     3.Delegate across the agency 

    Delegation is key to being an effective leader. This applies particularly to creative agencies.

    The art of delegation doesn’t come easily to everyone and can go a bit wrong on the first few attempts. But your 2019 resolution can be to persevere with delegating.

    If you’re a delegation-dodger (“it’s quicker if I do it”) or a delegation-dumper (you’re passing on all the jobs you don’t want to do), then 2019 is the year to embrace effective delegation.

    sparklers writing cool
    Build your creative team up

    Effective delegation has three key benefits:

    1. It opens up your time to focus on other agency leading tasks

    2. It empowers your team to acquire new skills

    3. It shows your team that you trust them as you involve them in the decision-making for the agency

    Feedback from our candidates has shown that acquiring new skills is the second most important consideration (after work-life balance) when deciding on taking a new role or not.

    Effective delegation means that you’re passing on tasks to others based on their existing strengths, current workload and overall career ambitions, as well as the needs of the agency.

    A common agency leadership error to avoid in 2019 is pigeonholing your team based on their job role description.

    When you’ve attracted top talent, don’t miss out on their potential by restricting them. There are different agency tasks – big and small – that one or a group of your team can get involved in. This takes the pressure off you, and to gives them more involvement in the agency as a whole.

     4.Win that new talent

    Knowing you want to win new talent is a good start for your 2019 recruitment plan. But knowing has a tendency of not resulting into action.

    Our 2019 agency resolution No.4, therefore, is to put a recruitment plan of action in place.

    Writing down what you need is a good way to ensure you commit to this resolution.

    While putting this plan of action together, be sure to consider talent needs and recruitment plans across departments. If you’re not personally involved in every new team member, then there needs to be a clear definition of what counts as “talent” for your agency.

    It can also be handy to have interview templates or a set of suggested questions for interviews that can be used across departments to establish “talent” that fits with your agency. There needs to be flexibility with this but it’s useful to have a template for guidance.

    3 people working at an agency
    Great talent ready to join your team

    It’s also a good opportunity to agree on how to communicate the best qualities of your agency. To win new talent, it’s important to highlight why people want to work at your agency.

    5. Commit to keeping your New Year resolutions

    As we all know keeping New Year resolutions isn’t an easy task. But if you’ve set resolutions that truly bring your agency forward throughout the year, then it’s easier to stick to them. Even so, here are some tips on keeping your resolutions on track.

    Put it into writing

    Writing plans down is part of our general process of committing to tasks. Keeping your plans in your head isn’t as effective as the act of writing them down.

    Share your resolutions

    The act of sharing the agency resolutions – either with senior management or your recruitment consultant – helps you to follow through with them. Even sharing them with one other person solidifies the resolution as a commitment.

    Reflect, review and amend

    Since you have your resolutions and recruitment plans in writing plus shared with others, it’s easier to reflect, review and amend them as the year goes on. Put a date in your diary to review plan progress.

    mug with hustle written on
    Don’t leave anything to chance

    If you need a helping hand with your agency resolutions, why not get a Leeds recruitment consultant on board? Our team at Gloss Creative Recruitment works closely with the cream of the top talent that Leeds has to offer. And we can support you in taking your agency to the next level via strategic and advantageous recruitment.

    If you’re curious to see how Gloss can support your agency, have a closer at our recruitment process.

    Alternatively, call us on 0113 209 5705 to discuss your 2019 or submit your vacancy and find the next top talent to join your team.