How to write effective job descriptions for digital marketing jobs

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    • 9th February 2018

    A well-written job description is the first step to finding the perfect candidate. Not all job specs are created equal and you could be selling your business short.

    It’s especially tough to stand above the rest in a very popular market like digital. Local trends and job expectations also need to be taken into consideration, so we’ve included what Leeds based recruiters need to keep in mind when writing job specs.  In this article, we’ll show you how to attract the best candidates for digital marketing, SEO consultants and Web/UX designers. Each role comes with their own requirements and nuances, as well as their own pre-empted expectations from potential candidates. Let Gloss help you match the right person (and the right skills) to the right job position.

    All good job descriptions follow some of the same rules regardless of the job in question. We’ll go through what to consider when writing a job description on our Job descriptions 101 section, before taking a closer look at job specs for digital marketing roles, SEO consultants and Web /  UX designers.

    Job Descriptions 101

    digital marketing jobs blocks

    You need to balance necessary details with keeping the job description concise. 

    1. Start by keeping the job title as simple as possible; avoid unnecessary jargon and try to write something any candidate can understand.
    1. Go on to give an overview of the job role, weaving in some information about the business itself. Give candidates an idea of the culture and their potential office environment; all the skills in the world won’t help if they don’t feel like a good fit for your workplace.
    1. When you’re talking about the requirements for a job, you can divide these into several smaller sections. This makes them easier to understand. Start with the essentials- education, work experience, key skills- before moving onto preferences- skills and habits that elevate one candidate over others.
    1. Be sure to get in everything vital, but don’t overload a candidate with requirements, either!
    1. Keep your writing simple but not simplistic; don’t misrepresent the job by cutting out too much detail.
    1. Finish by making sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Nothing gives a worse first impression than failing on due diligence in your writing.

    Remember that any job description is, in a way, a sales document. To get a good client, it needs to make both a job and its work environment sound appealing.

    Writing Descriptions for Digital Marketing Jobs

    digital marketing jobs

    Digital marketing jobs must bring together several different disciplines. Although skill in communication is important, the modern marketer needs a good grasp of SEO, social media, paid search and other technical areas to do their job properly.

    Digital marketing is a very broad field of expertise. It could be that your business is actually looking for a social media account manager and the best candidate for this role doesn’t have your job spec on their radar. This is because it includes broad digital skills that don’t match their social media background.

    It can be difficult to fill a digital marketing job as you’ll need to have decided what skills you are definitely looking for. You must also consider which skills you want the candidate to develop whilst in the role.

    Finding the Right Digital Marketer

    There are mainly two types of candidates when it comes to digital marketing jobs. Both have their own merits and career challenges.

    1. The All-Rounder

    An all-rounder often (but not always) has an in-house background and can sometimes be self-taught in a lot of digital marketing skills. They could be the perfect fit for your business, as they’ve worked in one specific industry like home improvement for most of their career.

    1. The Specialist

    The specialist often (but again, not always) has an agency background and has become a thought leader in their specific skill. Their work examples will come from different business industries, giving them a versatile background within their field of expertise.

    Both candidates bring vital digital marketing skills to the table. However, if the role is 90% content marketing and your job description is attracting mainly PPC experts, who wish to remain within PPC, you may need to take a second look at the job spec.

    It’s also important to have an idea of the candidate’s future career ambitions, too. An all-rounder may be looking to move into a specialist role, while a specialist may want to build their skills across digital marketing disciplines.

    Moving across roles is quite common in digital marketing, so don’t discard someone based on their previous experience. A specialist can become a high-flying all-rounder and an all-rounder can become a specialist thought leader.

    Digital marketing Jobs Leeds Considerations

    Leeds is a hub for digital marketing jobs and talent. This is great news if you’re Leeds based and looking to fill a digital marketing job, as there are a lot of highly qualified candidates.

    However, it also means that you’ll need to be aware of the employer competition.

    Things you’ll need to keep in mind for Leeds digital marketing jobs are:

    • Where is my role visible? Is a vacancy on a general recruitment website enough to attract the specialist digital talent I’m after? Where are the Leeds digital marketers looking?
    • What are my competitors offering? It’s important to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t need to be achieved through benefit gimmicks, but it’s important to be aware of what your competitors are offering candidates.
    • What’s the USP of my business? Why a candidate should work for you needs to come across in the job description, especially when it’s a crowded market for digital marketing talent.
    • Do the skills I need come across in the job description? Going through CVs takes time and as Leeds has a lot of digital talent, then a broad digital marketing job spec will attract a broad range of skill backgrounds. If you have very specific digital skill requirements, then this should come across in a Leeds digital marketing job description.

    Writing Descriptions for SEO Consultants

    digital marketing jobs seo

    While search engine optimisation is now the backbone of websites and ecommerce, some businesses don’t necessarily understand it well. A good SEO consultant has both an in-depth understanding of SEO practices, and knows how to convey its importance to a client.

    An SEO consultant is different to a content marketer with SEO or even a digital marketing manager, as consultants usually have a more technical SEO background.

    An ideal SEO consultant should know all about auditing websites, completing keyword research and able to spot on-page optimization opportunities. You’d want to ask for in-depth experience of using tools such as Screaming Frog, Moz, SEM Rush and Google Search Console.

    People within this role should be highly experienced and act as a general advisor for SEO. Once again most of the time there are two types of SEO consultant candidates; those who have built their career agency-side and those who have built their career as a freelancer. Both bring different experience and skills to the role, but may simply be used to a different work environment than the one you’re offering. It’s important as an employer to get your work environment across to ensure a good match.

    In order to attract an SEO consultant the role itself would need to be engaging and challenging for them (as from their experience they’d want a senior role). You won’t be able to attract a high-profile candidate with a job spec that’s more appropriate for an SEO executive. Likewise, depending on your business needs, it could be that an SEO executive is a better fit for the role.

    Writing Descriptions for Web and UX Design Jobs

    digital marketing jobs designer

    A good web designer combines creative flair with in-depth technical knowledge of the relevant tools.

    You need to be clear on the technical skills that are a must-have for the role and the skills which are good to have but not essential for the role. This depends on the business goals you need to achieve and the skill gaps within your existing team.

    For Web and UX Design jobs you can expect to ask for coding abilities in HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as design skills for responsive websites that includes the ability to develop a fully tested semantic mark-up that will function across devices and browsers.

    Depending on the nature of the role you may want to add Ecommerce software know-how such as Woo or Magento to the required skills.

    Without being an expert in a technical role such as web and UX designer, it can be hard to write an effective job description that will attract the most suitable candidate. A front-end developer, for example, has a different skill-set to a back-end developer. Likewise, a web designer isn’t the same thing as a web developer.

    This is where advice and support from a digital marketing recruiter can come in handy.

    Ian’s Top Tips

    digital marketing jobs tips

    “Digital marketing is a challenging industry to recruit for as demand is high, but overall understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the many different roles within the industry isn’t always there. It’s a lot to expect, too, when you’re trying to run your own business at the same time.

    Common digital marketing job spec mistakes I’ve seen include making the job description too vague or making it too specialised.

    If it’s too vague, then you’re in danger of having a very broad candidate-base, which may not be specific enough to file the role.

    If the job spec is too specialised, you may be looking for a super-human who can’t possibly exist while putting off some of the most suitable candidates who are capable of fulfilling the requirements of the role.”

    Rather than risk prolonging your candidate search or getting frustrated in the process, let a digital marketing recruiter help you out.”

    Conversation is at the heart of Gloss and we make sure both our clients and candidates fit well together. If you’d like to talk through a job description, then give us a call today.

    Or if you’ve been inspired to find the ideal candidate for your next digital marketing job with Gloss, why not submit your vacancy: