The most in-demand creative jobs of 2020

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    • 13th December 2019

    As the new year approaches, it's a great opportunity to make a positive change in your career. One way you can do this is to find a position in an in-demand job role.

    To help you find the right creative jobs in 2020, we’ve taken a closer look at what Leeds has to offer in 2020, including key industry developments. We’ve also rounded up the three most in-demand job roles in the year ahead, and looked at how Gloss can help you find the right job going forward.

    Leeds in 2020

    multicoloured mural
    Today, Leeds offers a full spectrum of opportunity. Look out for this mural in Leeds!

    Leeds’ creative industry is seeing some exciting developments at the moment. The biggest Leeds success story is Channel 4’s move to Leeds; the broadcaster has officially been in Leeds since 2019. It’s also appointed a teen content executive in the city, to better engage with social media users.

    York Press reports that Channel 4’s presence in Leeds may inspire other opportunities for Yorkshire’s creative industries. It cites the success of TV shows like Peaky Blinders and Gentleman Jack as evidence, with Yorkshire’s creative industry growing more quickly than any other UK region in this area.

    Meanwhile, the Yorkshire Post reports that Leeds IT jobs are in high demand. According to the CompTIA UK Tech Town Index, Leeds is just behind Manchester and Bristol when it comes to professional quality of life. The index examines over 200 towns and cities in the UK, making Leeds’ position on it very impressive.

    The top three in-demand creative jobs of 2020

    man working in open plan office
    A range of exciting jobs is waiting to be discovered.

    Though there’s a great diversity of creative job opportunities here in Leeds, we identified three that stick out in terms of demand. We determined this list by reviewing Gloss’ 2019 job listings, the skills amongst our candidates, and the skills and job roles our marketing agency clients are looking to fill. We also listened to what Leeds’ creative industry is talking about, the ways it is growing, and the skills our creative recruitment counterparts are looking for.

    After collecting all this information, we determined that these were the top three in-demand jobs:


    The fashion industry is keen to attract more graphic designers and skilled artworkers, with a particular focus on branding. This work covers print, digital and overall marketing materials. Hands-on experience with the job is particularly sought after.

    Web Developer

    When it comes to web development, Leeds is looking for .NET developers, as well as software development engineers and Java software developers. The retail and modern home industries are two key industries looking for these professionals.

    Between 2011 and 2016, Leeds saw a 138% growth in new digital businesses. As the region’s reputation as a tech magnet grows, we expect the number of digital businesses to grow with it, as well as the demand for web developers.

    Project/Account Manager

    Managers with digital expertise will do very well in Leeds. Their key challenge at the moment is to develop overarching strategies to grow brands. At the same time, they need to have a strong focus on a brand’s online presence.

    While digital project managers are the most popular, client service managers (for full service marketing) are in demand as well.

    Finding a perfect match

    black playing cards laid out on table
    Gloss makes it easier than ever to make a perfect match.

    Our own Ian Rigby has this to say:

    “The top three creative jobs we’ve identified for 2020 show how diverse and exciting Leeds’ landscape is. With all the changes going on here, Leeds is definitely the place to be for creative professionals.

    However, it’s vital that professionals understand what Leeds employers are looking for, and keep up to date with key industry developments. At Gloss Recruitment, we enjoy working closely with both our candidates and employers to ensure we make a great match between each of them. We’ll carefully consider your long-term career goals and the long-term goals of our employing clients, to ensure there’s the right fit for each candidate we take on.

    Our approach to creative recruitment is to truly understand creative candidates’ skills and their value, along with creative agencies’ needs, and how we can help them thrive. We also make sure we fully understand the fantastic creative landscape of Leeds, and what the future holds.

    We hope our top 3 creative jobs of 2020 are helpful, and inspire the latest Leeds talent to go after the role they truly want to thrive in. The holidays are a great opportunity to recharge and reevaluate personal plans.

    We’d like to wish all our candidates, clients and everyone connected to Gloss a very happy holiday break. Enjoy the festive fun, and do take some time to recharge in order to tackle the exciting challenges of 2020 head on.”

    Making the right choices

    person writing in checklist
    Our career guides are an accessible way of helping candidates find the right job.

    While there are some key areas that creative professionals should explore, knowing where to look for jobs isn’t always easy. Luckily, Gloss is here to help you cut through the noise and find creative jobs in 2020.

    We have plenty of careers advice for our candidates to draw upon. Learn more about how to become an in-demand professional, and dodge common pitfalls with our article on the top 7 job application mistakes to avoid. For our digital marketing professionals, check out our top 3 digital marketing interview mistakes.

    If you’re ready to begin your job search, you can explore our latest job roles now. You can also send us your CV or—if you’re already a Gloss candidate—refer a friend via our reward plan!

    Finding the right people

    If you’re a creative agency looking for candidates, why not get a specialist recruiter like Gloss on board? We help both candidates and employers in making an ideal match, and we produce handy content like our guide to LinkedIn groups for marketing agencies. Our business represents some of Yorkshire’s finest talent, and our network lets us conduct a broad, customised search with both speed and precision. This immediately sets us apart from other creative job agencies.

    Submit your vacancies now, and take the first big step towards the right candidate today!