How Gloss Is Supporting Our Clients

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    • 8th October 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended the way we live, and the workplace has seen some of the biggest changes.

    We work in radically different office environments—if we even work in offices at all. We’ve seen the job market become much more competitive. We’ve had to get to grips with unfamiliar technologies (like video conferencing) very quickly, to the point we can’t imagine working without them.

    woman sat on sofa with laptop
    The traditional working environment has become a thing of the past for many professionals.

    But months after the pandemic first hit, we know that how things are changing isn’t the question. You want to know what companies like Gloss can do to keep your business going. That’s why we’re introducing some new measures to make recruiting with Gloss all the easier.

    Pay It Forward

    The first thing we’re doing is reducing recruitment fees for our clients. We know some of you will have had to tighten your belts over the past few months, and we hope this helps you add new professionals to your workforce. Moreover, we’re now allowing clients to pay over three monthly payments rather than a single one.

    Although the job market seems unstable, there’s also an opportunity here to take on some new talent. The spate of redundancies has created a pool of highly talented professionals looking for work. If that’s something you’re interested in drawing on, Gloss remains an excellent agency to partner with.

    Old Faithful

    The Gloss team can boast all of our pre-pandemic advantages. We’re one of the best creative recruitment agencies in Leeds; we represent some of Yorkshire’s finest creative talent, with our expertise allowing us to quickly find the best person for the job. Our step-by-step process helps us find you the perfect candidate; we’ll identify your requirements before starting a comprehensive search across our database and advertising & social networks.

    woman outside looking through binoculars
    Gloss will continue to look far and wide for the best candidates.

    We’ll then filter our candidate list—carefully checking their qualifications and evaluating their strengths—before submitting the most suitable and setting up an interview. Gloss makes expanding your workforce—or filling a vacancy—as simple as possible.

    Brave New World

    But our support doesn’t end there. Going forward, we’ll be publishing new content on the Gloss website helping you to navigate this new industry landscape. We’ll be showing you why Leeds is an excellent place to do business—whether you’re based in the city or you’re further afield. We’ll also help candidates adjust to the new workplace with a selection of dedicated articles.

    Submit a vacancy now, or get in touch with other queries via our Contact Us page. Whatever your needs, Gloss Recruitment is here to help you get through the pandemic.