How Do You Come Up With a Great Rebranding?

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    • 14th July 2017

    At Gloss Recruitment, communication is our trade. It underpins every part of our business, so it is vital that our brand represents this. We worked closely with Leeds-based integrated marketing agency Electric- now in its 28th year of business- to come up with the perfect rebranding and new logo.

    Today, we’ll be taking you through our brand journey from concept to completion.

    Gloss Recruitment’s branding has changed several times over the years, and Electric suggested a rebranding as part of their overall strategy.

    In the past, our branding came across as fragmented and variable; as most brands do, it leapt between many different colours, typefaces and illustrative styles. Moreover, it didn’t really show how we could help creatives and businesses looking for talented creatives to join their teams.

    Early versions of the Gloss logo didn’t make it clear what we did as a business.

    We researched design trends and our competitors, and then decided on who we as an agency truly are.

    As a result, we decided that the Gloss brand had to show our love of communication, as well as our dynamism.

    We wanted people to immediately see that we’re a company that’s truly exciting to work with, as well as being a professional agency with design-savvy know-how.

    Before coming to us, Electric explored dozens of design possibilities as part of the rebranding exercise.

    The challenge of our rebranding was to make sure that the same key message came across clearly and consistently across all of our channels: print, digital and social. An integrated approach with plenty of testing was therefore applied.

    Stage 1: The Basic Appearance

    Electric eventually produced three design concepts; each one had a radically different style and focused on a different aspect of our work.

    The first focused on the ease of searching for the right job.

    The second played upon the Gloss name for some creative imagery.


    Ultimately, we settled on the third, ‘speech bubble’ image; this one placed conversation at the heart of the branding, which we feel is the most important element of our business.


    Stage 2: Refining the Logo

    Once the ‘speech bubble’ branding was confirmed Electric began to refine it further, ensuring the logo balanced a unique look with easy-to-understand design.

    Communication and close attention to detail formed the backbone of the Gloss rebranding.

    At this stage of the process there were many different variations on the core idea. It was vitally important that we got the branding just right, and we decided on a design with the tails of the speech bubbles facing inward.

    We felt this best conveyed the spirit of collaboration that we at Gloss pride ourselves on. 

    Stage 3: The Right Colours

    The final stage of the rebranding was taking the logo and placing it in several different contexts. We tried displaying the logo with different colour schemes, and in several different combinations with our name.

    We played around with filling the branding with colour (or leaving it empty) and incorporating it into the name.

    Eventually we decided to preserve the name of the business and add the logo alongside it. This ensured we had a stylish icon of our business that could work well on its own. It also made it an excellent choice for social media and other contexts.

    With the branding finalised, we then had to decide on a colour palette for the website.

    Our old website used a vibrant shade of pink. We wanted to preserve this as a reminder of where we came from. Electric built upon this by adding several complementary colours to the proposed palette. This gave the website a rich, dynamic feel whilst preserving its past.

    The revised Gloss website had many different palettes to choose from.

    The new Gloss rebranding comes from careful examination of our business and our priorities. Thanks to Electric’s imagination, we’re proud to have a branding that conveys what we’re about better than ever before.