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    • 15th October 2018

    Evaluate Your Life Day occurs every October 19th. But what about adding a twist to this year’s evaluation? We're saying it's not just important for individuals to take the time to reflect on their goals, but for creative and marketing agencies of Leeds to do the same.


    As recruitment consultants in Leeds, we believe it’s equally important for creative agencies of Leeds to take some time to reflect on where their business is going, what skills they want in the team and how to attract this talent.


    What is “Evaluate Your Life Day”?

    Evaluate Your Life Day happens every 19th of October. It’s a chance to take note of the progress you’ve made in your life and to acknowledge the path you’re currently on. It can be a tough day as reflecting is never easy. But short-term pain for long-term gain is the goal.

    Man looking across a lake
    Take time to reflect

    Just like every individual taking some time to evaluate their life, a creative agency director can equally benefit from using the 19th to evaluate how their agency is doing. As recruitment consultants in Leeds we help local agencies to grow their team. We also offer expert advice on the trends in creative recruitment that supports our clients with planning their recruitment needs for the years ahead.

    In this article, we’ll highlight how agency directors can best use Evaluate Your Life Day to reflect on their agency’s position. It’s the first Evaluate Your Agency Day.

    How do you fit in with the trends of creative agencies in Leeds?

    Creativity has always been a strong and thriving job sector for Leeds. In the past, there was a large increase of digital agencies that have since matured and enabled the city to become a digital hub in its own right.

    This last year in particular we’ve seen a few new changes and trends that stem from the rise of digital and creative agencies of Leeds.

    • Agencies Specialising

    Many digital agencies in Leeds are specialising in different creative areas. One method we’ve seen is championing their expertise for one specific industry, such as the food and drinks industry. These specialist agencies are offering full marketing services across design and digital but for food or drink brands only.

    This enables them to be the go-to agency for these Leeds brands.

    Another specialism is creative agencies focusing on one specific creative sector. Branching out from the digital agencies, we’ve now seen both content marketing and social-media-marketing-only agencies that offer their specific expertise across brands and industry sectors.

    • Agencies broadening out

    Completely opposite to the specialism trend (but nevertheless popular) is for previously digital or design-exclusive agencies to combine efforts and become fully integrated marketing agencies.

    Even pure search engine optimisation (SEO) agencies have broadened out into PR and marketing to grow a client’s overall brand.

    Rebranding as a full services marketing agency with key creative talent is an important agency trend of the last year to be aware of.

    • Agencies growing the Leeds brand

    Another trend that’s specific to this last year is the stronger collaboration between creative agencies across Leeds. The goal of this collaboration is to position the city as the creative hub of the North.

    This was clearly evidenced by the All In. Leeds’ bid aimed at Channel 4 to encourage them to choose Leeds as the TV channel’s latest headquarters. Never before have creative agencies in Leeds worked so closely together for a common cause that will benefit the city as a whole. It’s highly likely that we’ll see more such collaborations across creative agencies in upcoming years.

    These are the trends that we as recruitment consultants in Leeds have identified, but does your agency currently fit into any of these trends?

    Were you aware of these agency trends?

    brainstorm meeting
    Evaluating your agency USP

    Part of the Evaluate Your Agency Day is reflecting on what’s happening around you and how your agency fits in with this.

    To find out more about job role trends within the Leeds creative agency landscape, download our latest salary survey.

    What new roles will you need this time next year?

    Balancing workload with overall team members is a fine art. We at Gloss Recruitment truly understand and appreciate that. But while agencies in Leeds may be recruiting on a need “someone in that job role yesterday basis, now should be the time to evaluate what role you’ll be needing to fill in the next six months, one year and even two to five years.

    Think about the following things to evaluate what your agency currently needs:

    • What growth plan and focus is your agency currently on?

    • Where do you want your agency to be this time next month, next year etc.?

    In the creative industry job roles and agency needs change quickly. At the moment there’s a shortage of talent for specialist UX and web developer roles, which some Leeds agencies prepared for by encouraging their existing digital marketers to specialise within the agency. There’s also the indication that graphic designers need to expand their creative skills into other mediums, such as video, to be truly competitive against other candidates when applying for new roles.

    To embrace Evaluate Your Agency Day, take a look at:

    • Past recruiting patterns within your agency

    • What skills and services clients are asking for

    • What jobs (if any) you’re currently outsourcing to freelancers

    • What future skills will add the most value to your agency in the next few years

    Be ready for a dynamic future

    Can you spot the demotivated staff warning signs?

    A motivated agency is a productive agency. But even top talent can have a blip in their daily performance if demotivated. As agency director or team leader, you need to know the main warning signs of a demotivated team.

    • Arriving late or coming back from lunch late on a regular basis

    • They seem distant or aren’t connecting with the rest of the team as much as they used to

    • Their completed work seems rushed or unfinished

    • They’re not using given opportunities to grow or add to their skills

    • They’re making generally negative remarks

    unhappy person
    Demotivated worker

    These are some of the most common warning signs of a demotivated employee.

    To help them get their mojo back it’s important to talk to them to find out the route cause of the problem is.

    Sometimes it’s down to a lack of targets or clarity on how their work contributes to the bigger picture. At other times it’s something in their private life that you as employer can’t get involved in. However, an open conversation and some flexibility on time – or the chance to occasionally work from home – can go a long way to help a demotivated employee get back on track.

    A conversation is always worth your time; just be sure it comes from a supportive place. If the already demotivated employee feels put on the spot this can only increase the negative feelings.

    Some helpful tips all about motivation can be found in our article the impact of low motivation at work.

    Are you attracting the cream of the crop candidates?

    “If you build it, they will come” unfortunately doesn’t always apply in reality. If you want top talent to join your agency team, you’ll need a strategy to attract them. There are two key questions to ask yourself when it comes to attracting new employees:

    1. How does your current agency culture hold up?

    2. What exactly is your employee value proposition? (And how does it hold-up compared to competitor agencies?)

    creative agency team
    Top talent for your agency

    1. Agency culture: work-life balance

    Review the work-life balance of the team.

    Is leaving on time and being offline when not in the office being the cultural norm?

    Stress spreads from the top of the agency chain across departments. If you as the director aren’t leaving on time, taking holidays and being offline when not at work, then your employees will follow your example. This example can lead to high employee turnover numbers in the long run. Nobody can keep that level of ‘always-on’ going for a long amount of time, at least not without serious repercussions to overall health and wellbeing.

    So, while you’re evaluating your agency overall, consider how much flexibility for doctor’s appointments or short notice holidays you’re currently giving your staff. Championing a healthy work-life balance can go a long way to having a happy team that helps you attract cream of the crop candidates.

    girl looking out into ocean
    Time to recharge
    1. The Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    As agency director or senior manager, you can likely say what your EVP is in one sentence.

    Or can you? And can your team members do the same? Maybe they’ve come up with something different?

    When it comes to an EVP, there are two common pitfalls amongst agencies.

    The first is having an outdated or invaluable EVP. The second is that no one but you can communicate clearly what this is.

    (Not sure how to create an effective EVP? Have a read of our article how to create an effective EVP).

    In both instances, value and clarity are at the core of what you’re doing. So, for Evaluate Your Agency Day, why not reflect on what the value your agency offers to employees and how clear this value is across the team?

     Is the Gloss Recruitment process for you?

    Let’s face it, recruiting in the creative industry takes time. And time is often a luxury a creative agency doesn’t have. Yet there’s nothing worse than having to re-recruit quickly due to a candidate turning out to be a bad overall fit for the role or the agency. It’s also demotivating for the talented candidate.

    If, during your agency evaluation, you notice the same role or roles in certain departments requiring repeated recruitment efforts, then it may be time to reflect on the agency’s overall recruitment process. More often than not, it’s a simple mismatch between the candidate and the agency

    To counter candidate mismatching, you need a specialist creative recruiter who understands the agency and the candidate.

    At Gloss Recruitment we pride ourselves in our recruitment speed and match process that benefits both candidates and clients.

    Our process consists of six steps:

    1. Creating a target map of requirements

    2. A comprehensive yet speedy search of our database

    3. A filter of the finer details to truly match candidate with agency (and the other way around)

    4. A shortlist of best matches for agencies to review

    5. An interview that includes a supportive follow-up to both our candidate and agency clients

    6. A overall approach that includes the guarantee of finding a suitable and long-term match for all parties involved

    If you’re keen to get the recruitment ball rolling, submit your latest vacancy or have a closer look at our overall process.

    Creative agency office
    The perfect match

    Here’s some insight into keeping agencies on track

    Brian Kennedy from Electric, the integrated marketing agency with creative spark, says:

    “ It’s important to never stand still as a marketing agency. That especially goes for growing the team around you. Over the years, I’ve seen new trends and key trends shape our clients’ marketing needs and to be successful in the creative industry, I take the time to reflect on what my team has achieved and what skills are needed in the future. ”


    Ian Rigby at Gloss Recruitment sees the importance of Evaluate Your Agency Day as follows:

    ” We work with a huge range of agencies sizes but the ones that tend to be growing are those looking ahead and making sure they are an agency of the future. There’s an emphasis on next-generation thinking and a strategic use of data and technology. These agencies seem to be committed to analytics and the job briefs require people with good commercial audience knowledge as well as creative.


    Today is a great time to be an agency and those that appear to be leading are those willing to adapt their business model to a rapidly changing market. Change is inevitable so taking some time to evaluate your offering can be very profitable – if you think that change is in order, now might be a good time to start!”

    If you’re a Leeds creative agency or Yorkshire agency looking for top talent, call the Gloss team – recruitment consultants of Leeds – on 0113 209 5705.

    Alternatively, have a browse of our clients pages to see how we could help you.