How to create an effective employment value proposition

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    • 10th August 2018

    As recruitment consultants in Leeds, we’re often discussing how to attract top talent with our clients. An employment value proposition (EVP) is a key tool for getting your company culture across and for communicating the main benefits of working at your agency.

    These discussions have brought up some key similarities about EVPs across creative agencies in Leeds. To help our employer clients we’ve collated our findings into 7 top tips.

    Read on to discover our 7 top tips for creating effective employment value propositions that attract the cream of the crop candidates.

    The effective EVP

    An employment value proposition is the unique benefits an employee receives for working at a company. It usually consists of a set of benefits and opportunities that are in addition to the overall company culture your place of work offers.

    An effective employment value proposition attracts new talent while retaining the current employees.

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    General benefits

    By law, there are some benefits that every employer must have in place. These include holiday allowance and a pension. The amount of holiday and pension contribution from an employer can be weighed against that of a counteroffer, when a candidate is selecting their next role. It’s therefore good to have a competitive offer in place.


    These usually include schemes such as ‘bike to work’, childcare vouchers or in some cases even private healthcare. Rewards aren’t compulsory things to offer by law, but can make a big difference to an employee’s overall satisfaction in the workplace.

    Additional Perks

    Additional perks like free gym membership or a reduced mobile phone rate have been growing in popularity within the agency landscape of Leeds.

    Some of the most popular additional perks that creative agencies in Leeds have been using are free gym membership, flexi-hours for a better work-life balance, buying extra holidays and even guaranteed monthly socials. Not every agency offers all or any of these perks, but it’s good to be aware of what benefits a rival agency is providing.


    Opportunities for growth

    The current workforce – especially millenials – is highly ambitious. The past concept of a job for life is long gone, so employees look towards long-term growth opportunities within a company.

    A top candidate may join your agency in one role, but they’re keen to make their mark and within a few years would be hoping for additional responsibilities or a promotion. If you’re on the same page with them on advancing their skillset, then a clear EVP can help you get this across.

    Additional learning opportunities

    Promotion and role changes are seen as things an employee needs to earn through continuous good performance. Additional learning or training opportunities are training programmes offered by an employer that go above and beyond basic training of the role.

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    7 tips on creating an effective employment value proposition

    1. Define what makes you – well – you

    A lot of our clients jump ahead to listing additional perks to offer top talent. But before you do that, think about what makes your agency an exciting place to work in. Summarising what makes your agency tick can already be an enticing proposition for candidates. Our candidates want to get an idea of your agency culture first and be able to picture themselves working for you.

    Some key questions (which can be a bit tough) to ask yourself before committing your agency definition to writing are:

    • What do your current staff value about working for you?
    • Why have previous staff members left your agency?
    • What is the main thing that attracts job enquiries to your agency?

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    2. Brevity is the key to communication – EBT

    A strong employer brand tagline (EBT) gets a the core of a value proposition across in one fell swoop. But it is all the more challenging to write. Here are some examples of popular EBTs:

    Google: “Do cool things that matter”

    IBM: “What will you make with IBM?”

    Avis: “We try harder”

    Nike: “Leave average in the dust”

    3. Know the benefits – Research what’s of value

    Researching what direct competitors are doing is tip #4, but before this step there’s some highly relevant research opportunities right in front you.

    Ask your existing staff what benefits are most interesting to them.

    This is different to the question in tip #1, as it’s more about the existing benefits and perks that you offer rather than asking about the culture of your agency.

    You can either ask an open question about benefit wishes or give a shortlist to choose from. If you currently aren’t offering additional perks, this is a chance to see what may actually add value to your existing staff, thereby helping you retain the top talent you already have.

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    4. What’s the market doing? – Research your competitors

    The agency landscape in Leeds is quite a unique one. It’s got creativity at the forefront, but it is always on the move and always growing.

    Recruitment consultants in Leeds need to keep up to date with what’s happening across the agency board, as do employers.

    Top candidates know who your agency competitors are. And they are looking to select a role from the agency that not only fits best with them but also offers an enticing EVP.

    5. Don’t get sucked into an EVP race

    Let’s imagine a competitor is offering 25 days of annual holiday allowance. That doesn’t automatically mean that you can guarantee new talent will choose you by offering 26 days.

    Just because you can offer something doesn’t automatically mean you should. Go back to what defines your agency culture and why your current staff members like being there. The free gym membership may be nice, but the main reason your staff is staying could be the training opportunities you offer or the positive work-life balance you encourage. Once you’ve defined which benefits add the most value, you can use them to attract new talent.

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    6. Don’t be an EVP tease- Follow through

    No one likes having a carrot dangled in front of them, only to have it taken away. If you’ve made several benefit promises within your employment value proposition, make sure you follow through with them in a timely way.

    This doesn’t mean you need to sort out the free gym membership on the first day. But it does mean informing the new employee about the benefits on day one and letting them know when the benefits will begin.

    7. Keep the balance

    Candidates are looking for a fun, inspiring and invigorating experience at work. However, businesses also have core objectives to reach within a financial year. To attract top talent you need a good balance of benefits and responsibilities.

    All work and no play stifles creativity, while complete creative freedom can go off on a non-productive tangent.

    The solution?

    Balance your benefits with clear targets. A clearly defined EVP enables you to develop an overall agency etiquette that employees are comfortable with and champion to new staff themselves.

    Ian Rigby, the Creative Recruitment Partner at Gloss Recruitment, states:

    “Our candidates are looking for a good fit job spec-wise, as well as a good fit agency-wise.

    A clear, enticing and interesting employment value proposition helps them decide which agency matches their own values and will consequently offer them a good career opportunity. For this reason, not all additional parks should be money-driven though.

    Less tangible benefits like flexi-time, giving employees the opportunity to work from home and having delivery days are all highly valued by candidates.

    Having these non-tangible benefits shows that you trust your staff and that you have a modern work culture. It also secures longevity of a team.”

    We hope our 7 top tips on creating an effective employment value proposition are useful.

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