The top 3 digital marketing interview task mistakes

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    • 9th October 2019

    Getting an interview for a digital marketing job is a big achievement! We know that the last thing you want to do is fall at the finishing line by making an avoidable mistake in the interview.

    That’s why we’ve put together this new article highlighting the most common mistakes candidates make.

    Leeds is an especially vibrant area for digital agencies, and by following these tips you’ll make it easier to land your dream digital job in Leeds.

    While there’s some overlap with mistakes in graphic design interviews, we’ve highlighted digital-specific mistakes in this article.

    Digital Marketing Interview Task Mistakes

    In our earlier article, How to set digital marketing job interview tasks, we explained that ‘digital marketing’ is a pretty broad term. This means that agencies and employers must make it very clear what they want to test during an interview. To help you dodge the usual pitfalls, we’ll take a closer look at the mistakes digital marketing managers in SEO tend to make.

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    Dodge digital mistakes with our help.

    Mistake 1: Not understanding the problem set

    This mistake is similar to missing the point of the task (which is the number one mistake we make in graphic design tasks). However, failing to understand a problem in a digital interview adds new wrinkles. You might get the brief’s general point, but if you don’t identify the ‘big picture’ of the problem, any solution you come up with won’t have long-term value.

    Instead, it’s better for candidates to take some time to understand the root causes of a problem. This lets them come up with a solution that works in the long term.

    A proverb that comes in handy here is: “when you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s hard to remember your initial objective was to drain the swamp.” You’re in the interview to show off your swamp-draining skills. If you spend all your time getting rid of alligators—so to speak—the swamp will stay full.

    Mistake 2: Not using all the available channels

    The purpose of digital marketing interview tasks is to highlight the digital channels you need to use, which let you demonstrate your skills. Sometimes you might also be told you can suggest additional options. This is a golden opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up.

    If you can use additional options—or marketing channels that haven’t been mentioned—this is a great way to show how you can see the big picture, and add more value to a client’s ambitions. It’s also a way to show you can cross-sell an agency’s services. But don’t just use additional options for their own sake; make sure you’re adding value to your solution in the main channels.

    Think of these situations as a way to show off your outside-the-box thinking. While a channel might be optional, make sure to use it if you think you can tie channels together into one solution. This isn’t a time for shyness; it’s a chance to demonstrate the full range of your skills.

    Mistake 3: Forgetting to add some enthusiasm/passion to the solution

    One of a digital marketing manager’s tasks is pitching ideas in client-facing meetings. You’ll be using numbers to get clients on board with your plans, but make sure you draw on your enthusiasm as well.

    Your client will (understandably) be protective of their business, and your growth stats will certainly speak for themselves. But bringing your passion for the job into the mix lets you gain a client’s support in two ways. They’ll be impressed by your objective business growth, as well as your emotional buy-in to the task at hand.

    Both of these things are important to clients, as well as the digital agencies looking to recruit. If you can convey both of them in a task, you’re well on your way to securing the role!

    Social Media Manager Interview Task Mistakes

    Here in Leeds, we’re seeing a rise in agencies dedicated to social media. That’s why we’ve taken a closer look at the mistakes social media managers make during interview tasks.

    man holding phone next to cup of coffee
    Don’t forget to consider every angle!

    Mistake 1: Ideas are disconnected from the company’s core message

    When you’re thinking of ways to communicate a company’s brand, you’ll want to innovate where you can. But don’t forget about the company’s key messages in the process. If even the most creative idea fails to highlight one of the messages in the task, it’s going to be tough to get the recruiters on board.

    Mistake 2: Missing a key social date for the client

    Interview tasks allow you to prove you know your onions when it comes to social media. One of these onions is showcasing your research skills. For example, if you were working for a Yorkshire brand, missing a key event like Yorkshire Day would definitely count against you.

    Double-check that your solution to the task considers popular topics on social channels. At the same time, make sure any topics you mention connect appropriately to the brand you’re promoting.

    Mistake 3: Letting the typo monster in 

    We all laughed at the #GameofThornes typo and other social media screw-ups. But let’s be honest; we’d all be mortified if we ever let a typo sneak into our own work. Proofreading your work is always an essential task, and it’s especially important for social media. A typo in the wrong place can make or break a social media campaign.

    Make sure you give yourself enough time on the social media job interview task, so you can review your copy the next day. If you rush your proof and check it the same hour or day, some of the most obvious mistakes will automatically get corrected by your brain (since correcting our own text is something we do automatically).

    Digital Interview Task Mistake Additional Gloss Tip

    Remember the formatting and flow of your task solution, regardless of the task you get. You risk losing your audience if you fail to get your point across in a visually appealing, well-formatted way.

    Digital marketing engages with customers who make up their minds very quickly—in 1–2 seconds. That’s why showing that you understand good formatting is so important.

    Typical Agency Interview Task Mistakes For Digital Marketing Jobs

    Graffiti on brick wall saying Yes
    Say ‘yes’ to success!

    Since setting effective interview tasks present their own problems, we’ve put together this article on digital marketing interview tasks for our digital marketing agency clients. Learn when to set interview tasks, how long to make them, and other tips on getting the very best from your candidates.

    Dodge Every Pitfall

    Digital marketing interview task mistakes typically come down to a lack of understanding or ambition. Make sure you know exactly what you’re being asked to do, and that you’re demonstrating as many useful skills as you possibly can.

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