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    • 20th March 2020

    How to successfully hire for graduate jobs in Leeds

    As a thriving creative hub, Leeds has plenty of young talent for businesses to draw upon. But you might not be sure how to hire this talent, or even how to find it in the first place.

    Luckily, Gloss is here to help. We’ll show you why Leeds graduates are worth considering, and what you should look for in a candidate. We’ll also discuss the best interview practices, and show how you can make yourself a great choice for graduate jobs in Leeds.

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    • 20th November 2019

    How to avoid burnout when reading CVs and leading interviews

    When you're looking for a quality candidate, reading CVs and conducting interviews comes with the territory. But over time this can become incredibly stressful, and leads to a dangerous overload situation.

    CV and interview burnout jeopardises your ability to hire new employees, or your next long-term agency team member. We've drawn on our experience as a creative recruitment agency in Leeds to highlight common scenarios and warning signs. We'll also show you how to avoid interview overload and perform...

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    • 29th August 2019

    The best LinkedIn Groups for Leeds marketing agencies to join

    Marketing agencies in Leeds can benefit from joining LinkedIn groups, whether this is on a local, national or international level.

    But in our time as a Leeds recruitment agency involved in creative recruitment and marketing, we've learned there's a lot of noise to cut through. Too many LinkedIn groups focus on sales messages rather than help or advice on doing your job. It can be tricky to cut through the noise and find a usefu...

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    • 29th July 2019

    The pros and cons of apprenticeships for creative agencies

    Creative apprenticeships are a great way for agencies to bring in new talent.

    However, they can have a significant impact on the way you work—for better or worse—and if you're thinking of hiring an apprentice, there are several ways to add a fresh perspective to your workforce. In this article, we'll help you work out if creative apprenticeships are right for you by ex...

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    • 23rd April 2019

    The best awards for Leeds creative agencies to enter

    If you're working in a creative agency, we're sure you're incredibly proud of the work you've achieved.

    So why not share your success with the world by entering your work for an award? Leeds agencies are eligible for many different design awards, but that doesn't mean the prize is in the bag. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the best awards to enter, and some best practice tips for a...

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    • 6th February 2019

    How to set digital marketing job interview tasks

    Finding the right person for digital marketing jobs in Leeds can be tough. There’s a lot of great talent in Leeds, and it can be hard to test true skills in digital marketing jobs.

    As creative recruitment consultants of Leeds, we frequently discuss the digital marketing challenges with both our talented candidates and esteemed clients. Based on this, here’s our thoughts on how to set digital marketing job interview tasks.

    Task Timin...

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    • 7th January 2019

    New Year – New You Agency-Style

    Did you know that eating healthier was 2018’s No.1 New Year’s resolution as according to Statista, while finding a new job was No.8 in the list? Acquiring and retaining top talent is the biggest goal of creative agencies in 2019.

    This is especially important as the talent pool is starting to get shallower. Attracting new talent is one area to focus on, but retaining existing talent is equally important to grow your agency into a powerhouse of Leeds. To help your agency start 2019 with the best foot forward, our team of re...

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    • 17th December 2018

    2019 Marketing Agency Event and Networking Highlights

    2018 is coming to an end, so we're looking ahead to next year's networking opportunities and events for marketing agency directors.

    Going to dedicated events (for new business, networking, design or digital) is an excellent way to grow your business, find new clients, or just maintain your knowledge of your industry. Read more

    • 5th November 2018

    The Future of Agency Leadership in Leeds

    Following a leader is enjoyed by 76.2% of employees, while bad leadership leaves 40% of employees feeling demotivated, as the latest CV Library report shows. To be a key contender in the Leeds agency landscape, good leadership is essential.

    In a fast-paced agency life, this can be challenging as leaders need to adapt to the new needs of both customers and staff. As a marketing recruitment agency of Leeds we’ve been working closely with agency leaders over the years and have obtained a good understanding of which leadership challenges...

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    • 15th October 2018

    Evaluate your life day- Evaluate your agency day

    Evaluate Your Life Day occurs every October 19th. But what about adding a twist to this year’s evaluation? We're saying it's not just important for individuals to take the time to reflect on their goals, but for creative and marketing agencies of Leeds to do the same.

      As recruitment consultants in Leeds, we believe it’s equally important for creative agencies of Leeds to take some time to reflect on where their business is going, what skills they want in the team and how to attract this talent.  


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