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    • 26th March 2020

    2020 media industry report—a look at what’s changed in Leeds

    Over the last few years, Leeds’ media landscape has seen some dramatic changes.

    ITV and BBC Look North famously make their home here, but they’ve been joined by a host of other exciting media companies. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at what Leeds’ media industry has to offer in 202...

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    • 28th February 2020

    The Top 5 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

    Digital marketing is an exciting and dynamic area to work in, but securing the right job can feel like climbing a mountain. It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

    We’ve put together this new guide to the digital marketing interview questions you can expect to be asked, as well as some surefire strategies for answering them. Remember: the goal of interview questions is to draw out real-life examples an...

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    • 12th February 2020

    The hottest digital marketing jobs in Leeds—is yours one of them?

    Leeds is a hotbed of creative talent, with plenty of exciting opportunities. Many digital professionals are exploring what career paths and progression options Leeds offers, and asking if the skills they already have will stay relevant.

    We've reviewed our own job listings and taken a wider look at jobs in the Leeds area. We've also looked closely at Leeds' digital marketing recruitment landscape, the recruiters offering jobs, and whether freelancing or agency work is the right choice for you.

    The ...

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    • 15th January 2020

    Creativity is evolving – Competition in homage of International Creativity Month

    Find out all about our brand new competition! Get your design in front of hundreds of Leeds marketing agencies.

    It's competition time!

    Did you know January is International Creativity Month? Traditionally we celebrate the month by sharing creative ideas and innovations. At Gloss Recruitment we’re all about creativity and creative jobs. That's why, in order to pay homage to t...

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    • 9th January 2020

    7 signs you’re suffering from more than Blue Monday

    Are you dreading Blue Monday? Find out if you're suffering from more than the typical Blue Monday feels in our latest article.

    2020 is upon us, but you might feel unhappier than you expected. It's more common than you might expect, but if you feel like you're suffering from Blue Monday, our new guide may be just what you're looking for.

    What is Blue Monday?

    Blue Monday falls e...

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    • 13th December 2019

    The most in-demand creative jobs of 2020

    As the new year approaches, it's a great opportunity to make a positive change in your career. One way you can do this is to find a position in an in-demand job role.

    To help you find the right creative jobs in 2020, we've taken a closer look at what Leeds has to offer in 2020, including key industry developments. We've also rounded up the three most in-demand job roles in the year ahead, and looked at how Gloss can help you find the right job going forward. Read more

    • 2nd December 2019

    How to become an in-demand professional

    Leeds' dynamic agency landscape means there are plenty of opportunities for creative professionals. Whether you're interested in graphic design jobs or digital marketing jobs, Leeds is a great place to begin your job search.

    Of course, this also means that the Leeds job market is highly competitive. Today, candidates need to do everything they can to stand out as an in-demand professional. That's why we've created this new guide to helping you realise your full potential. Thinking of changing your existing job? Check...

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    • 8th November 2019

    How to avoid burnout in creative roles

    We all want to work in a job that really fulfils us, but it's very easy to feel exhausted and demoralised by the work instead. This can turn into burnout, and it's a serious problem for people who suffer from it.

    Employers and employees alike should do all they can to avoid burnout. Research from Gallup shows that b...

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    • 9th October 2019

    The top 3 digital marketing interview task mistakes

    Getting an interview for a digital marketing job is a big achievement! We know that the last thing you want to do is fall at the finishing line by making an avoidable mistake in the interview.

    That's why we've put together this new article highlighting the most common mistakes candidates make. Leeds is an especially vibrant area for digital agencies, and by following these tips you'll make it easier to land your dream digital job in Leeds. While there's some overlap with Read more

    • 24th September 2019

    How to avoid job search burnout

    If you're working in design or marketing (or thinking of doing so) now is a really exciting time for these industries! The UK's design sector grew by 8% last year, while the advertising and marketing sector grew by 9.5%. But if you're on the job hunt in these sectors, it's easy to lose your motivation in the process.

    Job search burnout is a common problem when you're looking for a job. A string of rejections can tank your motivation, and it's often tough to pull yourself out of a vicious cycle when you're stuck in the middle of it. Applying for—and failing to get—jobs can devolve into a vicious cycle of h...

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