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  • 17th May 2019

Gloss Young Talent of the Year Announced!

We asked our candidates to flex their creative muscles with a professional design brief.

The winner of the competition would receive the title of "Gloss Young Talent of the Year", and a £100 Amazon gift voucher.Candidates were asked to create a brand identity for Leeds, to help it attract the best graphic design talent. Although Leeds is a hotspot for cre...

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  • 16th May 2019

How to Settle Into Your First Creative Agency Job

Whether you're changing your career or starting it, creative agency jobs in Leeds are a rewarding choice. However, there's still plenty to consider before you apply.

In this guide we'll highlight typical activities, how to work well with your colleagues, and what you can learn from them during your time working at a creative agency of Leeds.

What it's like working at a creative agency

Before we begin, it's importan...

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  • 23rd April 2019

The best awards for Leeds creative agencies to enter

If you're working in a creative agency, we're sure you're incredibly proud of the work you've achieved.

So why not share your success with the world by entering your work for an award?Leeds agencies are eligible for many different design awards, but that doesn't mean the prize is in the bag.In this article, we'll take a closer look at the best awards to enter, and some best practice tips for a...

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  • 9th April 2019

What do marketing managers in Leeds do?

We often talk about specialist roles like graphic designer and digital marketing managers, but the city of Leeds is also a hub for many conventional marketing managers.

The job of a marketing manager is just as specialist as the ones mentioned, but it’s often overlooked as a career option by creative graduates.

In the majority of cases this is for two reasons:
  1. Not knowing what a typical marketing manager job...

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  • 29th March 2019

Top 3 graphic design job interview task mistakes – candidates

Leeds is a hub of creativity, and it’s home to lots of fantastic graphic design talent. Gloss Recruitment is proud to be working with the cream of the top candidates and the top design agencies of the city. But even top talent can make these top three interview task mistakes.

As we’ve launched the Gloss Young Talent Award (take a closer look here if you’ve not had a chance to find out about this yet) with a graphic design brief we thought it would be worth discussing graphic design job inte...

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  • 25th March 2019

The Gloss Young Talent Of The Year Award

Are you a graphic design student or graphic design graduate?Looking to test your skills against a professional design brief?

Now’s your chance. For the first time, Gloss Recruitment is awarding the Gloss Young Talent Of The Year Award.Put your skills to the test with our fun design brief and see what awaits you when working for a Leeds design agency. It’s a gre...

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  • 25th March 2019

Competition Terms and Conditions page

Terms and Conditions of current and past Gloss Creative Recruitment Competitions

Terms & Conditions for Gloss Young Talent Of The Year Award: 

  1. The promoter is: Gloss Creative Recruitment (company no. OC411418) whose registered office is at 2 Wellington Place, LS1 4AP in Leeds.
  2. The competition is open to residents of the United ...

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  • 26th February 2019

The rise of 360 content

Design agencies in Leeds are discussing how new technologies will influence the skills required within their agencies. It’s important to get the timing right when new tech hits the design agency, as not everything new passes the test of time.

While virtual reality is currently fading into the background, it’s brought about a new concept - that of 360° content. Anyone on the lookout for marketing or design agency jobs in Leeds needs to be aware of this concept. To help with this, our team has discussed it with candidates and ...

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  • 6th February 2019

How to set digital marketing job interview tasks

Finding the right person for digital marketing jobs in Leeds can be tough. For one because there’s a lot of great talent in Leeds and for another because it can be hard to test true skills in digital marketing jobs.

As creative recruitment consultants of Leeds, we frequently discuss the digital marketing challenges with both our talented candidates and esteemed clients. Based on this, here’s our thoughts on how to set digital marketing job interview tasks.

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  • 21st January 2019

Going from Freelance to Full Time in Leeds

Did you know that every third Monday in January is known as Blue Monday?It’s the most depressing Monday of the entire year. No, we’re not going to leave the article like that.

If your current freelancing gig is making you feel a little blue this Monday, why not take the first step to changing things up a bit?Our team specialises in creative recruitment in Leeds and we’re happy to help you battle Blue Monday with some tips on going from freelance to full-time agency ...

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