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  • 9th September 2019

The 7 most common job application mistakes to avoid

Finding your dream job after a lengthy search is a fantastic feeling. But whether you're looking for digital or design agency jobs in Leeds, it's easy to stumble over one of the first hurdles in the application process.

That's why we've put together this guide to the common mistakes we make when applying for jobs. All of these are easy to avoid when you know what to look for. With this knowledge, you'll be able to prevent a great application being spoiled by something totally avoidable. We've also highlighted mista...

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  • 29th August 2019

The best LinkedIn Groups for Leeds marketing agencies to join

Marketing agencies in Leeds can benefit from joining LinkedIn groups, whether this is on a local, national or international level.

But in our time as a Leeds recruitment agency involved in creative recruitment and marketing, we've learned there's a lot of noise to cut through. Too many LinkedIn groups focus on sales messages rather than help or advice on doing your job. It can be tricky to cut through the noise and find a usefu...

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  • 19th August 2019

5 signs it’s time to change jobs

We at Gloss know what it's like to feel stuck in a rut. And if you've been working in one place for a while, you might be feeling it's time to change jobs.

As it turns out, this isn't that unusual; on average, British workers change jobs once every five years. But is leaving your current job the right move for you?We know it's a big decision, and you want to make an informed choice. That's why we've identified the five main reasons people decide a ...

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  • 29th July 2019

The pros and cons of apprenticeships for creative agencies

Creative apprenticeships are a great way for agencies to bring in new talent.

However, they can have a significant impact on the way you work—for better or worse—and if you're thinking of hiring an apprentice, there are several ways to add a fresh perspective to your workforce.In this article, we'll help you work out if creative apprenticeships are right for you by ex...

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  • 16th July 2019

How to get the most out of creative brainstorms

The humble brainstorm is a vital tool in the creative professional's toolkit.

However, if you're a recent graduate or career changer, you might not be sure of the best brainstorming approach. We're here to give you the knowledge you need to hit it off, in any marketing jobs in West Yorkshire.In this article we'll show you how to brainstorm most effectively. We'll explore ...

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  • 24th June 2019

The handiest PR news resources

If you're a recent graduate (or looking to change careers) we know getting onto a new career ladder can be tricky.

But don't worry! If you're looking to give yourself an advantage in your search for PR jobs in Leeds, there are plenty of websites with the latest stories and developments.We've rounded up some of the top resources for PR and digital news. By keeping a close eye on website like these, you'll mak...

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  • 11th June 2019

The jargon of creative agencies—brush up on your lingo

At Gloss Recruitment we work to support everyone looking for creative agency jobs in Leeds; whether you're a recent graduate, changing careers, or just looking for a new creative job, our team is happy to help.

Part of the job hunt is finding the perfect match between a candidate and the culture of a creative agency. We know our candidates are cream of the crop talent looking for the right agency. We match each candidate with an agency that will challenge the, nurture them and help them reach their career ...

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  • 31st May 2019

Digital Marketing News Recap: May 2019

To help you stay on top of the latest developments, we've put together this new roundup of stories; it covers the most important updates from both Leeds and the wider digital landscape.

Leeds prepares for Channel 4’s arrival

Last year, we learned that the broadcaster Channel 4 was opening an office in Leeds. In response to this, Leeds City Council is taking a closer look at the wider needs of Leeds' creative sectors.[caption id="...

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  • 17th May 2019

Gloss Young Talent of the Year Announced!

We asked our candidates to flex their creative muscles with a professional design brief.

The winner of the competition would receive the title of "Gloss Young Talent of the Year", and a £100 Amazon gift voucher.Candidates were asked to create a brand identity for Leeds, to help it attract the best graphic design talent. Although Leeds is a hotspot for cre...

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  • 16th May 2019

How to Settle Into Your First Creative Agency Job

Whether you're changing your career or starting it, creative agency jobs in Leeds are a rewarding choice. However, there's still plenty to consider before you apply.

In this guide we'll highlight typical activities, how to work well with your colleagues, and what you can learn from them during your time working at a creative agency of Leeds.

What it's like working at a creative agency

Before we begin, it's importan...

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