Creative Recruitment Agency vs General Recruiter

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    • 10th November 2017

    Gloss is a creative recruitment agency with a specific industry focus. We recruit purely for the creative, digital, marketing and PR sectors.

    This specialist approach has enabled us to make key contacts over the years. Other recruitment agencies, meanwhile, have a wider approach. The numbers of overall of jobs are high and specs are tailored to an audience across the UK. But is one better than the other? In this article we examine both creative and general recruitment agencies, and the benefits behind each one.

    Using a Creative Agency As A Candidate


    From a candidate’s point of view, there are several benefits of choosing a creative recruitment agency. These include:


    Gloss Recruitment was born from firsthand experience of creative industries. We are driven by a desire to create the best environment for creative candidates. Because we focus on a few specific areas, we have a more in-depth knowledge of your industry. A general recruiter may well have more roles in terms of numbers. But a creative recruitment agency is sure to have more relevant roles for creative candidates.

    Business Relationships

    Years of relationship building with local employees means that a creative recruitment agency like Gloss will often already be aware of roles coming up before these are general knowledge. For more specialised roles some employers prefer to only use creative recruiters. This is because a general recruiter just can’t find the most suitable candidates for such a specific role. To avoid missing out on roles tailored specifically to your own industry and skill set, it’s therefore important to be on the candidate list of a creative recruitment agency.

    Creative Eye

    Most importantly, we have a creative, commercial eye when it comes to looking at portfolios (whether these be a design, copywriting or digital one).

    Most of our clients ask us for portfolios or examples of work to be supplied with CVs (to make sure they match up with their own). This is something quite unique to our sector.

    Because creativity is subjective, we look beyond simple skills and qualifications. We believe that most generalist recruiters will struggle to do this without specialist knowledge or training. These are skills that cannot be trained over a short period of time. They require consultants who can appreciate design in a commercial environment.


    Using a Creative Agency As an Employer

    Any creative recruitment agency worth their salt will have a proven track record of excellent matches between companies and candidates. An agency can even help to build your brand as an employer. They do this by explaining your business’ culture to candidates before the interview.

    More than a checklist approach

    Agencies understand the markets you’re looking to hire for and can filter out candidates that are particularly unsuitable. At Gloss, two-way dialogue is at the heart of our business. Rather than just having a checklist of what qualifications you’re after, we like to truly understand what experience and personality you’re looking for in a candidate.

    An eye for the future

    We’re aware of the challenges your business faces and can support with preparing and safeguarding for the future.

    By identifying your requirements, we create a detailed map of employee characteristics. Then, we use this for a comprehensive search within our candidate list, as well as advertising networks and social networks. We can also support you to safeguard for the future, as we have a close eye on industry trends. This insight can help you work out what areas of expertise are going to be most important for your business in the future and to keep an eye out for suitable candidates to help you grow your business in the right direction.

    Finding the right candidates quickly

    Our two-way dialogue approach combined with our insight into design for the commercial environment leaves you with the very best candidates to choose from and gets new talent into your business quicker. Knowing that you’re going to be interviewing a candidate who matches the majority of what you’re looking for (and sometimes all of what you’re looking for) often leads to a more engaging and productive interview.

    Whatever you’re after in the creative sector, Gloss is the creative recruitment agency with the knowledge- and speciality- you need to make the perfect choice.

    Using a General Agency As A Candidate

    Starting a job search

    A general recruitment agency can be a good starting point for your own research. This is especially true if you aren’t yet sure what career path you want to pursue. General recruitment agencies often have more jobs in a wider range of fields. This can be an advantage if you feel you have skills that can apply across multiple industries.

    Location, location, location

    Another thing to think about is location. Specialised agencies typically recruit for jobs in specific areas. General agency jobs will be distributed over a wider geographical area. This gives you more options if you are looking to relocate.

    This wider geographical focus also means your service may be less personalised. Where companies like Gloss Recruitment take a bespoke approach to each person we work with, general agencies take a broader look at abilities. The fit between company and candidate may be a little weaker as a result.

    Using a General Agency As An Employer

    Applications but not candidates

    If you want a broad audience for your job spec and your role to be seen nationwide by as many people as possible, then a general agency is ideal. With multiple general recruiter giants, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Furthermore, while you can guarantee to have several hundred applications, the true number of suitable candidates to take to the interview stage is likely to be low.

    Speed over haste?

    Some employers turn to general recruiters when looking to fill a role quickly. Depending on the role, this can work out. However, in our experience for more specialised skills and roles, it’s actually faster to turn to a creative recruitment agency rather than solely relying on the general ones.

    If you’re in the Leeds or Sheffield areas and looking to fill a job in the creative sector, we believe Gloss is an excellent choice. But don’t just take our word for it.

    Give us a call or send us a message to find out how we can help you.

    Candidate or Employer More Info

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for more tips and advice about the creative sector, take a closer look at our blog here:

    We regularly provide insight into the creative job sector, as well as provide lists of networking opportunities across Leeds and Sheffield.

    It’s our aim to find a good match between employer and candidate, as we’ve built a good relationship with you both and want both to succeed in the long term.

    We pride ourselves on ensuring you’re very happy with the direction your career is headed. If this sounds like something you’re after, get in touch with us today.