We specialise in creative, digital and marketing talent acquisition. quote

We began in 2006 with a view on how recruitment should happen.  That view hasn’t changed.

We’ve all had previous lives.  At agencies, start-ups, advertising firms, pubs – you name it.  But we all found recruiting.  Why?  Because it brings together our unique experience and complex minds, it creates an atmospheric buzz in a way that no other job can.

From the heart of Leeds, our agency was born from firsthand experience, a desire to do better and an expert knowledge of content and creativity.  We had a vision for how a creative recruitment agency should be run and a strong passion to help people.  We live by this philosophy and it remains at the heart of our focus.  Gloss has continued to evolve ever since and has become one of Yorkshire’s leading creative recruiters.

We partner with our clients to find the absolute best talent.  Approachable and collaborative, we take great pride in making the best match.  Working with Yorkshire’s finest creative professionals, we source vacancies from across the region and beyond to provide our candidates with the choice and opportunity to create their own future.

We share your passion for creativity.  We help you make the right choices.

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