7 signs you’re suffering from more than Blue Monday

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    • 9th January 2020

    Are you dreading Blue Monday? Find out if you're suffering from more than the typical Blue Monday feels in our latest article.

    2020 is upon us, but you might feel unhappier than you expected. It’s more common than you might expect, but if you feel like you’re suffering from Blue Monday, our new guide may be just what you’re looking for.

    What is Blue Monday?

    Blue Monday falls each year on the third Monday of January—in 2020, that’s the 20th. It has been identified as the most depressing day of the year, though most people’s moods lift after the day has passed. Persistent low mood might be a sign of something more serious.

    sad man on leather sofa

    People often see Blue Monday as the peak of the January Blues, a period of low mood during the first weeks of January. The January Blues are distinct from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression with a seasonal pattern. It’s been linked to a lack of sunlight during autumn and winter days, which may throw our bodies out of whack in various ways.

    Crucially, your low mood can persist long after Blue Monday has passed. This in turn impacts on various areas of your life, including your work performance. Anyone suffering from Blue Monday should delve into the signs of more serious suffering below.

    Don’t forget to check out our previous article on Blue Monday as well! It’ll show you how to beat the blues by making some lifestyle changes, and following other general tips.

    7 signs you’re suffering from more than Blue Monday

    Our close work with top-notch candidates means we have a good understanding of the reasons for a career change. While the reasons vary, we’ve noticed a few common behaviours and sentiments in January, particularly towards the end of the month. If you think your low mood goes beyond Blue Monday, check out our 7 signs of unhappiness with your current role.

    1. You’ve lost the motivation you had before the holidays

    desk with keyboard, mouse, phone and stationery
    Not sure how to get started? We’ve all been there.

    Christmas coming to an end is always sad, but eventually most of us get back into old routines. However, you may find yourself struggling to stay motivated about the day ahead. If this is the case, it might be that you need a change more than anything else.

    2. You find yourself procrastinating

    Have you noticed yourself putting off tasks you used to sail through? Procrastination is a common sign of demotivation, especially in the workplace.

    3. Small things are getting to you …a lot

    Working with other people guarantees you’ll get on each other’s nerves, if only a little bit. You might get annoyed if someone takes the last clean cup, for example. However, if you find yourself getting more annoyed than usual—or taking things personally—then that can turn into a big problem. In extreme cases you might need to pop to the break room to prevent yourself from losing your temper.

    Feeling like throwing something? That’s a big warning sign.

    4. Every Monday feels like Blue Monday

    Nobody likes Mondays, as dozens of Garfield comics can attest. But if Sunday fills you with dread and Monday feels like a nightmare, something could be up. Examine your feelings carefully; are you annoyed about getting up, or are your feelings of distaste more intense?

    5. You’ve been suspicious of colleagues

    Reluctant to talk to people at work? Convinced they’ve got it in for you? Don’t want to work with someone because you know they’ll sabotage you?

    Any working environment depends on people within it trusting one another. If you feel like you’ve lost that trust, it could be a major sign your unhappiness is more persistent.

    6. You’re having trouble sleeping

    Sleep struggles could be a sign of something more serious.

    Physical symptoms like headaches or trouble sleeping are signs that something’s up. If you can eliminate medical reasons, your own unhappiness may be the culprit. Job dissatisfaction is a common cause of insomnia.

    7. You’re feeling blue after Blue Monday

    It’s natural to feel blue during January. Christmas is done, your friends and family are in their old routines and spring is some distance off. Your blue feelings fade eventually, but your demotivation can persist. If so, your Blue Monday might really be career blues instead.

    What to do if you’re suffering from the career blues

    If you think a change in jobs is the antidote to your blues, great news! You’ve already taken that crucial first step. Change is only possible if you’ve chosen to embrace it. Maintain your momentum with the following tips:

    1. Make a career action plan

    pencil and notebook on desk
    Having a solid strategy is the most effective way of achieving your long-term goals.

    It’s a cliché, but it’s still true; Rome wasn’t built in a day. You might not be where you want to be at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get there!

    A plan of action is one way to reanimate you. Break down your plan into a month-by-month action plan, and think carefully about what’s realistic to be accomplished in the months ahead. This is the most effective way to achieve your ultimate goal.

    2. Research new trends

    It’s easy to lose motivation for your field, but that doesn’t make it any less dismaying. A solution can be setting time aside to research new trends. Regularly check industry news, and start talking to peers outside your workplace about the future of your career path. Discussing the future of your field with people outside of your current workplace can rekindle your passion.

    3. Get into a job search routine

    Make sure you set a regular chunk of time aside for job-hunting. A good way to cut through the noise is to partner with a specialist marketing recruitment agency.

    If you’re looking in Leeds, Gloss has a number of advantages. We’ve got a unique insight into Leeds’ creative career landscape, and we know how to support anyone after marketing, graphic design or digital marketing jobs in Leeds and its surroundings. This makes us one of the most reliable marketing recruitment agencies in Leeds.

    Suffering from Blue Monday or low career-related moods can feel like an insurmountable obstacle, but that isn’t the case. Honestly assessing your own feelings and making a plan of action for your future go a long way towards finding a happier workplace.

    Take the right steps into 2020 by finding a new role that’s truly fulfilling! We’ve done a lot of writing to help you find the job you want; check out our guide to the top 3 in-demand jobs of 2020. Know what you’re looking for? Brush up on your employability with our guide to becoming an in-demand professional.

    Whatever you want to do, remember that Gloss goes out of its way to support its candidates. We listen carefully to what you want to achieve, and take a holistic approach to your job search. We’ll take an in-depth look at your CV, portfolio and interview techniques, and ensure you’re the very best candidate that you can be.

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