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  • 16th April 2018

May 2018 Networking Events

At Gloss Recruitment, we want to do everything we can to help you find the perfect job. That's why every month, we put together a list of useful networking events for our candidates.

Networking is a golden opportunity to bolster your business contacts and aid your search for creative jobs. This month we've rounded up some of the best networking events that Leeds, Sheffield...

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  • 4th April 2018

How to Find Digital Marketing Jobs

Earlier this month we published an article on modern-day graphic designers, and how people can get a foot on that career ladder. Today, we'll be taking a look at digital marketing jobs, and examine the challenges and opportunities offered.

If you're a graduate looking for careers advice or a professional after a career change, this article is a great starting point. Read on to learn the essentials of digital marketing: wh...

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  • 14th March 2018

The Top Events at Leeds Digital Festival

Leeds isn't just a vibrant cultural hotspot; it's a digital community, with more than 3,000 digital and tech businesses working here.

Whether you're looking for startups, international brands or industry-leading agencies, looking for digital jobs in Leeds is a smart choice. As such, it's only fitting the North's largest digital festival takes place in Leeds next month!Running over two weeks from Monday the 16th to Frid...

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  • 1st March 2018

What Does a Modern Day Graphic Designer Do?

At Gloss Recruitment, we find candidates for a great swathe of creative jobs. One of the most glamorous (and sought after) positions is that of the graphic designer.

They're responsible for creating beautiful work in a wide range of industries. But what does it mean to be a graphic designer today? If you're thinking of going into graphic design, as a graduate or a career change, you'll need plenty of key skills to succeed. We'll take a look at the basic requirem...

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  • 15th February 2018

Networking Events: March 2018

Today, we'll be highlighting some of this month's top networking events in the UK business network.

Whether you're actively looking for a different role or just want to make contact with peers in your industry, networking is an excellent opportunity to meet key people. This month we’ve got a broad range of events for you to look forward to in Manchester, Wetherby and Leeds, ensuring there's some...

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  • 9th February 2018

How to write effective job descriptions for digital marketing jobs

A well-written job description is the first step to finding the perfect candidate. Not all job specs are created equal and you could be selling your business short.

It's especially tough to stand above the rest in a very popular market like digital. Local trends and job expectations also need to be taken into consideration, so we've included what Leeds based recruiters need to keep in mind when writing job specs.  In this article, we’ll show you how to attra...

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  • 19th January 2018

February 2018 Networking Events Leeds

Stay on the top of the best networking opportunities for your career development. Every month we'll let you know what design, marketing and digital networking events are happening across Yorkshire. In February, we've collected some networking events that caught our eye across Leeds. Have a closer look and discover which events need to be in your diary for February.

Today, we'll be highlighting some of this month's top networking events in Leeds. Whether you're actively looking for a new role or just want to make contact with peers in your industry, then networking is an ideal opportunity for you to make key contacts. This month we’ve got a broad range of eve...

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  • 8th January 2018

Beating the January Blues

Happy New Year! We hope you've had a great winter break and you're ready for the year ahead. However, the winter months aren't just a time of feasting and merriment.

They're also responsible for an unpleasant phenomenon called the January Blues. This affects several people around this time of year, impacting your personal happiness, self esteem and- of course- your career development. Read on to learn more about it, and what you can do to alleviate it.Wha...

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  • 18th December 2017

Happy Christmas from Gloss Recruitment

Christmas is nearly here, and that means 2017 is drawing to a close. We at Gloss Recruitment would like to take the chance to wish you a very happy Christmas!

The festive season can be a hectic one, so be sure to take the time to recharge. Stop for a while, enjoy the company of friends and family, then get set for a great start to 2018.

Whether you're a client or a candidate we hope your 2017 has been a productive one, and tha...

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  • 8th December 2017

The Best LinkedIn Groups for Creative Professionals

Being available on Linkedin and having an up-to-date profile is important when you're job hunting. However, many underestimate the opportunities that lie within strategically chosen Linkedin Groups.

With so many Linkedin Group options out there, it can be tricky to stay on top of them all. Gloss is here to help you choose the ones for you. Here are the best Linkedin Groups for Creative Professionals.When it comes to your professional network, LinkedIn is an excellent choice. For anyone lo...

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