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  • 21st November 2017

Networking Events: December 2017

This year is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the networking has to! We've brought together some of the best networking events that December has to offer. For this article we've cast the net a little wider, focusing on events in Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester. The run up to Christmas can be a very hectic time, but it’s also a great opportunity to make new contacts and keep your eye out for that dream job or new career challenge. You never know what 2018 may have in store for you, so don’t wait for opportunity to knock.

Leeds Digital Coffee Morning

Friday 1st December 2017

We start things off with a lively morning of coffee, pastries and creative thinking. Taking place at Platform (above Leeds Train Station) the event starts with half an hour of non-salesy networking. Then, at 9am, you'll...

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  • 10th November 2017

Creative Recruitment Agency vs General Recruiter

Gloss is a creative recruitment agency with a specific industry focus.We recruit purely for the creative, digital, marketing and PR sectors.This specialist approach has enabled us to make key contacts over the years.Other recruitment agencies, meanwhile, have a wider approach.The numbers of overall of jobs are high and specs are tailored to an audience across the UK.But is one better than the other?In this article we examine both creative and general recruitment agencies, and the benefits behind each one.


Using a Creative Agency As A Candidate

 From a candidate's point of vi...

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  • 10th October 2017

What Mistakes Should I Avoid in Digital Marketing Interviews?

In one of our earlier articles, we examined how to nail interviews for jobs in the design sector. Now we're examining the other side of the coin and asking how digital marketing professionals can secure their dream job. Whether you're currently looking for a new role, or just browsing to see if you're still up-to-date with interview trends, our most common digital marketing mistakes is a useful article for anyone in the digital industry.

Of course marketing, digital and design jobs have some overlap. The majority of agencies use people from all of these fields in tandem. At the same time, each of these jobs has very different requirements. Agencies will look for different things when interviewing for each role. So if you're a market...

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  • 9th October 2017

Yorkshire Networking Events: November 2017

Today, we'll be highlighting some of this month's top networking events. Whether you're actively looking for a new role or just want to make contact with peers in your industry, then networking is an ideal opportunity for you to make key contacts. This month, we're focusing on networking in Sheffield.

Sheffield is among the top 10 business locations of the UK and is a thriving hub for creatives and creative agencies.Making the right connections in the industry is key, so have a read-through our overview of networking events for creatives in Sheffield for November 2017.

Curry Club


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  • 15th September 2017

Yorkshire Networking Events: October 2017

Today, we'll be highlighting some of this month's key networking events. Whether you're actively looking for a new role or just interested in making contacts with peers in your industry, then networking is an ideal opportunity for you to make key contacts.If you're looking for jobs in Yorkshire, our latest list of networking events will help you make your next career move!

York Lunch Networking

Tuesday 3rd October

If you're a little further afield than Leeds, this event may be just what you're looking for. Network B2B is holding an event at T...

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  • 14th September 2017

The Top Events in Leeds Business Week

Don't miss out on networking and seminar opportunities at this year's Leeds Business Week. We're looking forward to this Yorkshire business event, especially as there's always a lot of thought provoking events going on.There's lots going on, so to help you stay on top of it all, we've put together a handy highlight reel for marketers, digital marketers and graphic designers.

At Gloss Recruitment, we know how important it is to stay on top of your game. That's why we've put together this new list of highlights from 2017's Leeds Business Week.Running from Monday the 9th to Friday the 13th of October, Leeds Business Week is an exciting programme of business events. ...

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  • 12th September 2017

How To Nail Design Job Interviews

The interview is the most nerve-wracking part of any job hunt. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way.We've put together this list of tips for people, who are looking for jobs in the creative sector.Read on to find out how to nail design job interviews.Don't wait for opportunity to knock on your door.Shine in the interview and have agencies ask for you to join them.

Even absolutely perfect candidates for a role can get caught out during an interview. It's not just nerves that can get in the way of your dream job, but also experience of the interview process or knowledge of the expectations an employer has. This is especially the case in the creative sector and ...

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  • 25th August 2017

Yorkshire Networking Events: September 2017

Networking is the backbone of career growth. Whether you're going to a job fair or a simple meet and mingle, it's easier than ever to build business connections.

Today, we'll be highlighting some of this month's key networking events. Whether you're looking for jobs in Leeds or looking for something in Yorkshire in general, find the most suitable e for your next career move.Start making those all important connections today.

Business Networking at ...

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  • 23rd August 2017

10 Steps Towards a Quality Creative Portfolio

Your creative portfolio- whether it's online or offline- is more than a collection of your work. It's an ever-changing showcase of the best you have to offer. Use our hints and tips to help you put together the right portfolio for your career.

There's a common misconception that your creative portfolio has to include everything you've ever done to show your full skill set. While it's important to show a wide range of your skills and the work you've done, not all creative portfolios are created equal. Your creativity needs to be represente...

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  • 14th July 2017

How Do You Come Up With a Great Rebranding?

At Gloss Recruitment, communication is our trade. It underpins every part of our business, so it is vital that our brand represents this. We worked closely with Leeds-based integrated marketing agency Electric- now in its 28th year of business- to come up with the perfect rebranding and new logo.

Today, we’ll be taking you through our brand journey from concept to completion.Gloss Recruitment’s branding has changed several times over the years, and Electric suggested a rebranding as part of their overall strategy.In the past, our branding came across as fragmented and var...

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