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  • 8th December 2017

The Best LinkedIn Groups for Creative Professionals

Being available on Linkedin and having an up-to-date profile is important when you're job hunting. However, many underestimate the opportunities that lie within strategically chosen Linkedin Groups. These groups keep you in the loop with your industry and give you a sounding board for new trends and thoughts. What they also do is show that you're invested in learning and consistently looking to advance your skills. With so many Linkedin Group options out there, it can be tricky to stay on top of them all. Gloss is here to help you choose the ones for you. Here are the best Linkedin Groups for Creative Professionals.

When it comes to your professional network, LinkedIn is an excellent choice. For anyone looking to learn more about you as a professional, LinkedIn is almost certain to be their first destination. But LinkedIn isn't just a place to show off your talents; it's a place to build upon them as well. W...

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  • 4th December 2017

The Top Marketing and Creative Jobs of 2018

Wondering which roles are the most popular in Yorkshire?We’ve asked which creative jobs people are most interested in to pursue next year and have uncovered the top 3 creative roles. You can find these answers in section 1.Read our survey findings for more and also discover the main reasons behind why people of Yorkshire are looking to pursue these roles (section 2), what roles employers are looking to fill in 2018 and who is most likely to be interested in these creative roles (section 3 of the article).Get a head start on your 2018 career success and start your new journey today.

The countdown to 2018 has begun and we wanted to know which marketing and creative jobs were on everyone’s radar. So, we asked our current candidates and all our followers on social media. Our survey is finished and has revealed some very interesting trends for marketing and creative job seekers a...

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